What are UL Security Ratings for Gun Safes?

What are UL Security Ratings for Gun Safes?

There is no arguing that there are many reasons to have your firearms safely secured. This is important for not only the safety of your curious loved ones, but also to keep you guns from being stolen. A gun safe is key to ensuring that you do not run into any unwanted circumstances, however before you buy one there are a few things to consider.

First and foremost there are a lot of options out there. Not only are there a lot of inconsistencies in products but also how they are presented, and understanding first what exactly you need to look for can save you potentially thousands of dollars and a poor investment.

To begin with when it comes to an intruder entering your home it is their goal to make it in and out as quickly as possible. The frustrating reality is that there likely isn’t a safe built on this planet that can’t be cracked given the right amount of time. The goal is not necessarily to completely keep out an intruder, although it would be nice, but to slow them down enough that they either run out of time and get caught, or have to escape. With this in mind even though you may not be able to afford the top of the line, try and get the most features you can for your budget. This will help to keep thieves from just getting in and then taking your valuable weapons.

When it comes to security ratings look for the tampering ratings provided by Underwritters Laboratories (UL). These are ratings that show how long a safe door is able to hold up against an intruder; however it is important to note that this does not represent how long it will take to penetrate the top or side of the safe.

Most often you will see the Residential Security Container (RSC) on home gun safes. This is an indicator that during testing the safe was able to withstand attack for at least five minutes. During the testing UL put the safe under serious strain using methods such as drilling, chiseling, punching, prying, and many other special techniques.

Of the UL security ratings there are a varying degree of times given to the ability of the gun safe to withstand tampering. The TL-15 Burglary Classification indicates that while putting the container under intense attack by an expert it was able to hold up against opening for as long as 15 minutes. It should be noted that for this test experts use more commonly found everyday tools. The TL-30 Burglary Classification is given to gun safes that are able to withstand attack by a UL expert for at least 30 minutes.

One thing that is important to know before putting down your hard earned money on a well advertised gun safe is that there is a lot of trickery used to convince you that the protection you are buying is superior in some way. Even though the UL may give the safe other ratings, there are important things to know about what some of the other terminology means. To begin with, the B and C rating that is sometimes given to safes only refers to the construction, in acknowledging that it has at least one inch thick doors and the body is either ½ inch thick. Although these are important facts to know, they do not mean there is something special about the actual construction of the container and sometimes the wording by manufacturers and advertisers can be misleading.

The main thing to remember before buying a gun safe is that before spending any money get the facts. There is a lot of information available out there so don’t rush into a decision. Your weapons are important assets to both you and your family and you want the best protection possible.

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