Buying Bulk Ammo

Buying Bulk Ammo

I focus so much on this site about just securing your handgun or what type of safe to buy that I often forget about the handgun that goes in the safe!  I can’t compete with the websites that go to extreme discussion about every gun and the benefits of the 1911 over the Glock 27, so I am not going to even try.  Despite that, I do have my Carry Permit and carry my Glock 27 (.40 cal) just about everyday when I leave the house.  I have taken several defensive handgun courses and really enjoy that part of owing a pistol.  I belong to a gun range that is just 2 miles from my house and allows me to shoot whenever I want (sun up to sun down).

So I was looking at my ammo inventory the other day.  It was getting a little low since I had recently been out at the range with a couple friends of mine.  I realized that I had not been restocking.  While I don’t keep 1000’s of rounds like some preppers do, I like to have several boxes in case the SHTF.  Just enough to make me feel good that I am not totally unprepared, but not so much that I have $100s of rounds of ammo that my wife may ask what I am spending money on (just enough to keep it under the radar).

I also realized that since now that I live in the country, it is not as convenient for me to buy ammo.  The closest gun shop is probably 20 minutes away and not really on the way to anything.  I recently got the chance to test out some .40 Smith & Wesson, 180GR FMJ ammo by Winchester from  You can see their entire supply here of Bulk Handgun Ammo.  They have an extensive inventory, well more than the average gun shop.  They carry everything from .25 ACP (for your pocket pistols) to .50 AE (for Desert Eagles and handgun hunting).  All totaled, Bulk Ammo has about 275 different SKUs in handgun ammo.  You can order hard to find rounds (such as ones with different projectile types including:  SJSP, LRN, JHP, JSP and 8 other) as well as larger quantities including 1000 round bulk packs of your favorite ammo for your best savings.   Bulk Ammo even sells re-manufactured pistol ammo at about 40% off the new price.

I took the Winchester .40 S&W that I received out the to range.  This is a pretty standard 180GR round with a full copper casing and jacket.  I have shot the jacketed hollow point version of this product, but not these.  I found this ammo shot well, no mis-fires or jambs.  While I love buying less expensive ammo, I find that it often leaves a lot more residue in the gun, which cause issues if you don’t clean the pistol often.  I cleaned the Glock after putting 50 rounds through it and was surprised how clean everything was.   This Winchester product is currently selling at $17 for a box of 50, plus larger discounts if you buy more boxes or in a bulk 500 pack.  This is an excellent value for a good name brand product.

If you are in the market for ammo, take a look a  You will be happy you did.

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