Cannon Safe 5940 On Sale at Costco

Cannon Safe 5940 On Sale at Costco

I love gun safes.  Call me a geek or a redneck, but looking at gun safes for me is like looking at boats, cars or motorcycles for other guys.  I love the comparing the features, the size and finishes just like others like to argue about motor size, speed, and sleek looks.

Costco once again has put the Cannon Safe model 5940 on sale at $799 ($200 off).  They had this same special back in March.  This sale runs 9/13/2012-10/7/2012.  Maybe it was such a success that they wanted to do it again?  Or maybe they didn’t sell many last time and need to still liquidate the inventory?

Looking around, I could not find much information about this safe.  Strangely, if you go to the Cannon Safes website, there is a front page ad about the Costco sale that just directs you to the Costco site.  If you search for model 5940 on the Cannon Safe’s website, you get nothing.  If you click on the main page link, you go to the Costco website, but it also gives you a page not found error.

Well, I dug out an old post I did earlier this year about this safe.  Here are the details:

  • This safe is branded with the Safari model (although you can’t find it on their website), which is the original Cannon safes model before they expanded their selection.
  • It is considered a 64 gun safe as it is huge at 40″ Wide X 24″ Deep X 59″ tall.  It does weigh 475 pounds.
  • It has eight 1.25″ locking steel bolts with an internal hinge (which means it can only open 90 degrees).
  • This 5940 model has a 5/8″ fiberboard (sheetrock)  interior and an expanding seal on the door to keep out smoke in the event of a fire to give this safe a 30 minute fire rating.
  • The electronic lock on this Costco model appears to be identical to the locks on the mid-line models at Cannon.

So those are the features, what are the downsides?

  • Cannon Safes have an outstanding warranty.  They will replace your safe if it is ever damaged by fire or burglary attempt with no questions asked.  Best warranty in the industry.  Unfortunately, this safe does not carry that warranty.  It is only a 1 year for manufacturing defects.
  • Although I can’t confirm this, some forums believe this is made out of 14 gauge metal, which would make it substantially thinner than its comparable sized peers.  The more expensive (but NOT top of the line) Patriot model has 12 gauge (which weighs 200 pounds more for the same size).
  • This unit does not have any relockers that will permanently lock the door during any attempt to bypass the lock.  It also lacks additional steel plate around the lock to slow down a drill attack.
  • While it has holes pre-drilled to mount it to the floor, there are no openings for running power cords for lights or dehumidifiers.
  • Unlike ordering on-line, this gun safe will only be shipped to your local Costco, which will require you to figure out how to get it home.

Ultimately, this Cannon Safe 5940 is a decent safe for what you are spending.  It is only $799.  Other gun safes of this size would be $1200-$1800.  It is not perfect, but if you need to protect a large amount of guns or stuff, it may be worth purchasing this.

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  1. David says:

    Can you take the door off to make it lighter of moving it into the house?

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