Correction: Cannon Safe CS24 Executive Safe at Costco

Correction:  Cannon Safe CS24 Executive Safe at Costco

So I wrote a post about the Cannon Safe CS24 at Costco on 11/20.  It was the day that I received my coupon book in the mail.  It turns out, that post probably generated as many questions as it answered.  Let me try to resolve them in this new post.

When I originally got the Costco coupon book, I went to the Costco website to get more information about this safe.  Unfortunately, Costco did not have the safe posted yet, which is not uncommon for them.  I decided then to reach out to Cannon Safes sales department to get more information.  During the on-line chat (which you can find at the previous post), the sales person said this safe has a 1 year warranty and referred to it as in the Safari line.

I took the information from that chat and then constructed the post filling in any pieces with details from the Cannon Safe website and what I know about this product line.  A number of readers asked some questions and challenged me on the post about the information.  As it turns out, that sales person gave me incorrect information, which led me down the wrong road.  I am here to set the record straight!

Today I called Cannon Safes live and got a nice sales person to give me the details about the CS24 Safe at Costco.  Here are the details:

  •  This is NOT in the Safari line, but actually in the Scout series.
  • Consequently, it DOES have the lifetime warranty which is probably one of the best in the industry.  Here is a summary of it:
    • HASSLE-FREE, NO COST REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF THE SAFE AFTER A NATURAL FLOOD, ATTEMPTED BREAK-IN, BREAK-IN OR FIRE DISASTER.  We are the only safe company to offer: FREE Parts • FREE Labor • FREE Freight for the repair or replacement of your safe, for the LIFETIME OF THE SAFE
  • The sales rep did confirm that Costco had the dimensions incorrect on their coupon book versus their website.  This safe is 20″ Deep and 26″ wide, which I figured.
  • It is 13+ cubic feet if you go by interior measurements or 18 cubic feet by exterior dimensions.
  • It does not have an internal electrical outlet like many of the other higher end safes, but it does have a 1/2″ hole in the back for fishing an extension cord through for lights or a dehumidifier.  12/5-See comments below
  • Lastly, I asked if there was any difference between this safe and the rest of their standard Scout line.  She said NO.  They simply build it especially for Costco.   My guess is that Cannon probably outsources the construction of this one model to China or somewhere.

Other features:

  • This unit has a 4″ composite door with multiple 1″ active bolts that are 4″ long.
  • Cannon has a unique hinge system that actually has the hinge recessed behind the door frame, further making prying it open very difficult.
  • The lock is a type 1 UL listed electronic lock powered by AA batteries that can be accessed from the exterior.
  • It is a fire safe using 5/8″ fire board (Sheetrock) for protection.  Not the best product, but definitely adequate.

Consequently, this CS24 at Costco is really a heck of a deal for a 24 gun Scout series at $549.  The 21 gun version of the Scout line retails at Amazon for $949.  You can see that here for more info.  If I didn’t already have a large gun safe, this would be one I would consider.

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  1. Dennis M says:

    Dear Todd, Could you recheck the interior dimensions and Cu. Ft on the Costco CS24? The Costco depth of 20″ says “Includes lock and handle”, which has got to be at least 1″, probably 2″. Then it says door is 4″ thick”. So I think the interior DEPTH could only be a maximum of 14″-15″, which would precluded a “lazy susan turntable” for scoped guns. Am I wrong on this (I certainly could be). THANKS!

    • Todd Christiansen says:

      Great question. I called Cannon to ask and spoke to a nice sales person. The interior dimension is 18″ and the exterior is 20″. So my next question was: “so then, 20″ exterior minus a 4″ door should be 16″, how do you get to 18?”. She promptly transferred me to engineering and I got voicemail! Not surprising for Friday at 4pm.

      I agree with your thought above. I suspect that 18″ interior dimension is true. Remember that this safe has a recessed door with an interior hinge. Therefore, I assume the door body enters the safe and consumes some of that 18″ depth, resulting in 15-16″ true depth in the door opening.

  2. Ryan says:

    I ordered this safe today after a lot of research and looking. Die hard Costco fan but not excited if it doesn’t have the outlets but just a hole. As the product video shows an outlet and no disclaimer. I figured they forget a d left it out of the description or photos by mistake. Other than that, seems like you get what you pay for with safes and normally $699 it’s a great deal I suppose.

    • Todd Christiansen says:

      Do me a favor and report back on the outlet. That seems to be an open issue as the sales person says it does not have one.


  3. Vincent says:

    It does NOT have an outlet. I called Cannon and they confirmed. Putting in an outlet would cost under $10, so this is still a very good deal. Just ordered mine.

    • Todd Christiansen says:

      Thanks for the update. You said it would cost under $10, were buying a pre-made one for a safe or are you putting something together yourself?

      • Vincent says:

        I might either buy a plastic electrical box and outlet and put it together myself, or just put in a multi-outlet strip. There is a ore-drilled hole in the rear to run the wire through.

  4. Sean Donahue says:

    I also purchased it and based on the costo embedded video without a disclaimer, would expect an outlet. I will definitely report back.

  5. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the info again. I also called Cannon and the video on Costco’s site was more geared toward the warranty. Either way as long as there is a hole you can buy a $5 outlet at home depot and mount it. I did however question the Challenger Series safe I saw in the Tractor Supply ad. They said it is made specifically for TSC and just called a different name. The difference at its $449 price is that does not include delivery like Costco on line (prob why its the same but $100 more), it has a 5 spoke handle, not two like the CS24, the keypad illuminates and has built in door organizer (really the only feature that I saw that was different that made me a little upset). I ordered a Lockdown multi piece set from Costco with my safe for about $55 and includes a drawer and different mounting pieces. My safe ships on 12/21. I had no issues with Cannon customer service, very helpful! Lastly what bothered me was Costco;s original price of $699 for the same thing as TSC at $499 basically makes me think it was marked up then put on rebate. At least its curbside delivery and I take no liability in picking up from a store. The current 24 gun safe by Winchester in store locations by me is $549 also, but not as nice as the Cannon and that did not include delivery.

    • Todd Christiansen says:

      That looks like a nice deal over at TSC. You are right, though, I would rather have it delivered to my door. Plus, call me paranoid, but when a company sells something for significantly cheaper than their regular model, I start to think that they must have cut some corners somewhere to save money.

  6. Alex says:

    Great posts here. I am expecting my Cannon CS24 safe to be delivered Thurs. 12.20.12. I will let y’all know how everything goes. The delivery company is expected to arrive in a time window of 2-5pm with a phone call one hour prior to delivery. Stay tuned……….

    • Alex says:

      Well, all systems GO. My safe arrived @ 2:25pm today per schedule. Here are a few things I learned from buying the CS24 Cannon safe from Costco:
      1. It comes on a very small pallet which makes it a lot easier to maneuver with a dolly.
      2. It takes a 9/16″ socket to unbolt the four bolts fastened to the pallet.
      3. I did not need a boxcutter, the box simply lifted straight up revealing the safe. The box seemed to be designed in this manner.
      4. 360 lbs. is do-able, but I would stay away from hazards if at all possible (children, windows, etc.)
      So all-in-all the safe is in great shape! The temp code worked great!
      The safe has exceeded my expectations, very nice, high quality safe for the money. I am very pleased with it so far.
      The only issue I have is with the freight carrier. Driver is a great guy, very helpful. I told him I was expecting curbside delivery, he called his office and stated there should be extra charges for Costco because he assumed I was not expecting curbside. I explained to him that curbside is my expectation and I will take it from there. The gentleman took it off the truck, put a dolly under it, and then brought it to the top of my drivemway. Which was nice, but, on the ticket he marked “inside delivery”. I asked him what that meant and he said anything past the curb. Now, I am not complaining the he was helpful. But, he explained that Costco would be getting billed extra for the delivery. That is not right. I did not ask him to go past the curb nor did I expect him to go past the curb. Even though I am not paying for that, it is not fair that Costco should.
      With that said, GREAT SAFE! Now, on to changing the lock code.

  7. Vincent says:

    I ordered my safe a couple of weeks ago at Costco and the price was $549. I have not received it yet and the order status still says “order received”. I know that includes shipping, but the website does not show any tax either. I was wondering if anyone who ordered the same safe (CS24) and already received it had tax added later, when it shipped.

    • Sean Donahue says:

      I am in the same boat. I ordered it Dec 4th. Status online shows simply “order received”. I would also like to know if anyone is farther along in the process so I know what to expect. Much appreciated!

    • drt says:

      The safe arrived this past Thursday (12/20) and the previously pending charge of $549.99 became final the day before. There were no additional charges so I assume tax was included in the price (Costco has a retail presence in my state and I’m in the same county as Cannon Safe, Inc.).

      It’s a great safe and I couldn’t be happier.

  8. Ryan says:

    I think I ordered mine dec 2. It is shipping on the 21st and I should have it within a few days. Just give cannon a call and they can tell you shipping info as Costco just takes payment and it ships made to order from cannon.

  9. Vincent says:

    Thanks for the detailed review of the delivery Alex. I agree you that putting it on a dolly and rolling it a few feet is NOT inside delivery and should not be an extra charge. If he was going to charge for inside, he should have brought it in the house. Why would he charge Costo anyway. If anything he should have said he would charge you.
    Glad it went well. Now I know what to expect. Ordered it on 12/5, so it should be coming soon.
    Good luck with your new safe.

  10. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the info also. You should call Costco customer support and let them know also in case it comes back to you. They could bill your card still.


    • Alex says:

      You are right Ryan, thanks! I did contact Costco customer service and they took meticulous details of the event (lots of typing in the background as I told them about the “inside delivery”). They did want to make sure they had my phone number on file correct just in case if someone from the purchasing department wanted to contact me.

      A side note to everybody:

      I installed two motion activated led lights on the top of the safe. These are S-W-E-E-T! It’s like opening the fridge door, light comes on when you open the door. Got these at Costco. A pair was $20 and I installed them on the interior top of the safe with velcro. It came out great! I have used every square inch of space so it gets dark inside quickly.

      • Vincent says:

        Hi Alex,
        The lights sound nice. What is the name (item #) of the unit? I’d like to search the Costco website to check them out. My safe should be coming soon and I know I will be needing a light.

      • Ryan says:

        The lights at Costco are item 580978 and are a great deal @ $19.99. I’m going to get them tomorrow. They are available at almost all US locations but not

        I went for a quick look at Walmarts hunting section today (as anti Walmart as I am) for great deals on after holiday accessories and the ammo was wiped out as well as any tactical rifles. Their service is also little to none over there. But I did see the cannon safari safe for $579. It’s the same as the Tractor Supply “challenger” model with the built in door organizer. I’m happy with the Lockdown model from Costco and drawer it came with. Can’t wait to put it up next Friday. The build in door organizer seems cheap and tightly made.

        This has been a great site to discuss safes by the way!

        • Vincent says:

          Thank you all for the info on the lights. They sound like a good alternative for interior lighting at a low price.

          I’ll check them out this weekend.

  11. Sean Donahue says:

    I called Cannon Safe (800-222-1025) and waited a LONG time through a couple different queues. Ultimately, I got connected to a gal named Angelica. She is the Costco rep. Do not call and press 2 for customer support. You really need to go in through sales (press 1), or maybe you can press 0 for an operator, though I did not try it.

    She quickly provided an update. My safe is shipping today – YES!! She gave me a tracking number and it will ship via Saia Freight (800-765-7242).

    She agreed that Costco could have been more clear about the lack of a power outlet. She said there is a predrilled hole through the safe body, but you will have to finish it by drilling through the fire board layer.

  12. filbert says:

    For those wondering on the order processing/shipping time, the shipping info tab online says 3 weeks (I didn’t notice the tab until I emailed them and they pointed it out). Here is my timeline:
    11/26 – Placed order
    12/13 – Credit Card charged
    12/17 – Received call to schedule delivery on 12/19. Requested 12/21 11am-3pm instead.
    12/21 – Delivered to garage at 2:40pm
    I haven’t had a chance to bring it inside or try it out yet.

    • Todd Christiansen says:

      That is not too bad to wait for such a great safe at a great price. Unless you buy it off the showroom floor, I would say that timeline is typical.

      • filbert says:

        I finally installed mine. Here are my observations.

        It was easier to push it onto its side since I only have a flat furniture dolly (i.e. 2x4s and casters). This caused some of the shelving to came loose and two shelf pieces that were glued together came apart. These are now slightly loose and I will probably have to re-glue them at some point. The lining of the shelves is more like a thin felt layer than carpet, but it’s what I expected.

        After seeing a youtube video on the cheap locks in some Chinese safes, I took a quick look at the lock mechanism and was pleased to find a beefier mechanism, though I did not open it all the way to inspect the inner pieces.

        The “dead-bolts” are only on one side of the door, none on the top or bottom and none on the hinge side, but since the hinge is recessed, I think it’s fine.

        I installed the safe over carpet, cutting Xs in the carpet, then used a hammer drill for the concrete beneath and wedge/through bolts. The carpet causes the bottom to bulge slightly and the safe leans forward a little so I drilled another hole through the back near the top and lag bolted it into a stud and now it’s quite secure. I will tighten it all again after the carpet has compressed for a couple days.

        When putting everything back in, something got misaligned and the bottom fire lining got stuck and I cracked a corner trying to force it in. I had to pull it out and make sure all the other pieces were aligned properly and then it fit.

        My only complaint is that the door seems to have sagged a bit and drags against the base of the frame, which has already scraped some of the black paint off.

        However, overall for the price I am happy with the safe.

        • Todd Christiansen says:

          I love the idea of putting a bolt through the upper part. This could reduce the chance that a theif could rock the safe or use a lever to snap the bottom bolts off. How difficult was that to drill through the safe to create that hole?

          • filbert says:

            Yes, that was my thought exactly and I did the same thing with a small gun cabinet I had before.

            I used a power drill with a 1/4″ black oxide bit and went through the fire insulation into the metal. The bit started to catch so I switched to the hammer drill to make it easier.

            I used a spade bit to open up the hole in the insulation so I could get a washer on the bolt and used an impact wrench to drive it in (I love power tools). It added 10-15 minutes to the project.

            I also used the hammer drill to open up the 1/2″ holes in the floor of the safe to 9/16″ to make the wedge bolts easier to push through and align with one of my not-so-perfect holes.

        • Kevin Kelly says:

          read your instruction info or, google – there is an adjustment screw inside the hinge to realign the door. Good luck.

  13. Ryan says:

    I thought mine would be here next week but it is scheduled for 1/4 also. I am in NC and the safe is in California. I am very anxiously awaiting its arrival.

  14. Ryan says:

    Thanks for all the info. I’d like to order this safe. Could you please confirm the exterior dimensions of the safe, including the handle/hinges/combo? Also, any way you could send some pics of the inside to me? Thanks!

  15. Ryan says:

    Well the safe finally came 4 weeks to the day of the order. Driver was pleasant and took it to my front steps. Safe had small ding but not enought to refuse. It was on top side corner. For some reason it was filthy with a white dust and I wiped it down. Also the “carpets seem cheap and even peeling in some places. Nothing a little super glue and a smooth out can’t fix I guess. I did expect more quality for $550 even though not a $1000 safe or still cost s pretty penny. It was well boxed and the combo worked and had a small red light. I called cannon but left a message after beig transferred. It came off the pallet easily and into my house. I did bolt it to the floor and enjoyed finally just having it to properly store my collection. All in all it will be fine. Not worth returning for the few concerns. Once full you will never see any imperfections.

    • Todd Christiansen says:

      I am the same as you. Since a gun safe really should never been seen by any one but you, why go through the hassle of refusing it. Bummer about the carpet though. I wonder if any other guys on this thread noticed that.

      • Jim says:

        Ordered my safe on 12/9; it was delivered on 1/7. Costco also has a presence in my state, but I was NOT charged sales tax. Driver rolled it into my garage (where I will be keeping it–no room in small house!) as a courtesy. No damage to exterior. I did NOT, however, receive the bottle of touch-up paint mentioned in some of the literature. No problem, as there was no damage to the exterior.

        Had a similar experience with the “white dust” because the extra piece for custom-made shelving is nothing but drywall with the fuzzy “carpet” covering on one side. No big deal, just a nuisance.

        I also had one place inside where the carpet was coming loose, but again, no big deal–just pushed it back in place. If it dangles again, I’ll use rubber cement to help it stay in place.

        Has anyone ordered (and installed) the optional door storage board? Looks like a good deal for handguns, rather than taking up shelf space.

        Haven’t located the hole yet for electrical wiring, but I’ll look for it. Not sure if a plug for a power strip will push through a 1″ hole.

  16. Sean Donahue says:

    My safe was also dinged in three spots along the top front corner edge. I called Costo and they sent me a $75 refund. They said it was the max they could give, based on the cost. So my retail $699 safe, on sale for $549, actually cost me $474. I’m pretty happy with Costco’s resolution.

  17. DaveB says:

    I too purchased the Cannon Challenger gun safe from Tractor Supply (Gilroy, CA) I ordered on the phone before Christmas when it was on sale for $500.00, marked down $50 bucks. But they were out of stock and gave me a rain check. They called me 10 days later and I drove down and picked it up myself (with a friend). It was interesting that they had 10 safes in inventory when I called, but all of them were spoken for. They must be selling like AR rifles in this country.

    But now I have a question: I want to install an 18 inch Goldenrod dehumidifier. But I’ve already bolted my safe down and the rear of the safe is against the wall. Actually there’s an inch of space back there between the safe and the wall. So I want to “find” the half inch pre-drilled hole from the inside, rather than unbold the safe from the floor, or instead of drilling a new hole in the safe. Can anyone tell me a measurement on the inside, where I can drill through the firewall gypsum, and hope to locate the pre-drilled hole? Once I can expose the hole, I can fish a power cord from the inside, and catch it behind the safe with a piece of coat-hanger wire. so what I need is the XY coordinates in inches, form the left or right lower corner, to the position of the pre-drilled hole… Please, someone?

    • Todd Christiansen says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I am sure one of the guys can give you the dimensions to find the hole.

      • DaveB says:

        I called Cannon customer service last week and asked the the measurements to the pre-drilled hole in the back of the Challenger model TS6026 “24” gun safe.

        At first the cusomer service rep. told me all she could say is that the hole is a few inches up from the bottom, centered on the back of the safe. She suggested that I call the TSC store and ask them to measure the hole’s location for me. She told me that if I drill a new hole myself, that will VOID THE WARRANTEE!

        I pleaded for her to get me a measurement from someone in engineering, or from an actual safe. I told her I am 20 miles away from Tractor Supply and wanted to avoid a 40 mile drive just to locate the power cord hole. She put me on hold and after about 5 minutes came back to tell me the hole is 3 inches up from the bottom of the safe, in the center. And confirmed that the hole is in the same location on all safes.

        So now my job is to convert the external measurement to an internal one, and start drilling smal pilot holes in the safe’s liner, in search of the hole that’s pre-drilled in the steel.

        It would still be very much more convenient is a safe owner who has already drilled the hole through from the outside, could provide me with the measurement on the inside to help me locate the hole. But as soon as my Goldenrod dehydrator arrives from Amazon next week, I plan to empty the safe and start poking 1/16 inch holes in the lining, to search for the hole in the steel. I will come back here to post the location just to give this saga a happy ending.

        • Todd Christiansen says:

          Well, first I would assume the interior “center” is the same as the exterior “center” as I figure that both sides are the same thickness.

          Her comment about 3″ up from the bottom could be look at in 2 ways. Either, 3″ up from the bottom of the cabinet (externally) or 3″ up inside the interior. I have to guess that the bottom of the safe is thicker than 3″ so I suspect she meant 3″ inside.

          Write back if the thickness if less than 3″ in the base of the safe.

        • Vincent says:

          Like I said previously, it’s 1.5″ up from the inside floor of the safe.

    • Vincent says:

      Well on my safe the hole is about 1.5″ up from the floor, and directly in the center, right behind the center verticle board. It’s really a stupid location because when you pass a wire through, the verticle board can no longer be pushed back against the rear wall.
      I assumed the hole would be in the lower right corner, where Cannon typically puts their power outlet, but it’s not. You may want to hear from others before drilling, as I believe too many holes wil compromise the integrity of the fire protection.
      Good luck.

      • DaveB says:

        Thanks Vincent and Todd! My Goldenrod dehumidifier arrived today from MidwayUSA, so I’ll be emptying the safe tomorrow, removing the vertical shelf, and begin probing for the elussive pre-drilled hole.

        My plan, based on your information, is to drill a 1/16 inch hole about where the hole ought to be (center, up 1.5 inches from inside floor) and move in a grid by a 1/4 inch at a time and drill tiny holes in the safe lining until I find the spot where the drill goes outside the safe. But my hope is to hit the target with the first hole 😉

        I’m also thinking about sawing a notch in the bottom of the center vertical shelf board in the back to see if the 18in Goldenrod will fit in the back-most part of the safe.

        I have seen others mount their dehumidifiers in the front of the shelves. But I store 8 or more 50 cal M2A1 ammo boxes on the right side, and there’s a space issue if the rod block the ammo cans too much. If the Goldenrod can fit way in the back, the bottom row of ammo boxes will have to be moved forward an inch or so. It needs to fit just right so the door will close and space it tight. I’m also wondering if the Goldenrod sitting against steel boxes of ammo may be an issue. But the rod never gets hotter than I can hold against my face.

        I’m thinking when I’m done I may take some pictures in case someone else wants to do it yourself.

        BTW, I picked up 2 sets of the LED motion sensing, battery operated lights that I read about either here or elsewhere around the web, at Costco and mounted them in the safe. These lights are cool. They come 2 to a pack and cost $20 at Costco. I bought 2 packs (4 light strips).

        Its nice, now when ever I open the door, the lights go on. I mounted two of them down the left side, along the inside door frame, where the door locking bolts engage, but spaced them so the bolts don’t interfere with the lights. And I mounted one under the first shelf. I’m keep the last one for another project.

        Thanks again for this very specialized, detailed information. It’s a big help. And if you haven’t bolted your safe to the floor yet, take my advice and drill the power cord hole before boting to the floor… d’oh!

  18. Ryan says:

    I called Cannon for my concerns and the said it appears someone didn’t take their time putting the liner in to exact fit and spray glue would fix it and for my inconvenience they are sending me a heat rod ($65) value and I was happy with that. I did also order their door organizer (but thru Amazon, less cost and better shipping )because the previous one I bought was too wide. I really like it and the velcro is strong to hold my XD’s unloaded. It clips at the bottom of the door also and you can always add a velcro strip for extra stability. Now to find that hold and install the red is another story. When I do that I will report back.

  19. Jim says:

    I can confirm that the pre-drilled hole is indeed in the center of the back–pulled mine out to look at it. And, that does indeed pose a problem with the center vertical board. However, if you do not need to, or will not be putting shelves in the lower part of the safe (mostly long guns), you could probably take that center board out.

    A 1/2 hole means you will have to push a wire through and do your electrical hookup inside the safe. (Use a putty product to form a moisture barrier.) Not really a problem unless you are a mountain!

    Door adjustment: the book says to look on the left side (opposite the hinged side) for U-shaped adjustment piece, and use a Philips-head driver to move it. However, in my safe, there is a piece of the carpeted trim board that runs top-to-bottom in that space, and I cannot see the adjustment. I suppose I could cut the trim board at the approximate location and hope for the best, but I really hate to do that. Has anyone tried to adjust their door? I would like mine to fit just a little tighter. My garage is a bit humid and I’m afraid that humidity will overpower the silica gel packs I am using. Currently have TWO of the Rem-Dri 35’s (for 35 cu. ft.), but they don’t seem to be able to keep up. I’m thinking about adding one of the Remington Mini-dehumidifiers, Model 365, for more capacity.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?

    Many thanks for your comments and help.

  20. Jim says:

    A big DUH! here. I mentioned that there was a panel that came in my safe, made of drywall, that was covered on one side with the “carpet” the shelves were covered in, and standard drywall paper covering on the reverse. I thought that was for us owners to make other shelves out of. Suddenly, after looking at a picture of a Cannon safe, it dawned on me that that panel should probably be put in the door. I measure it, and it is a perfect fit. So, I will seal the exposed drywall gypsum edges and put it in. As I said, DUH!!!!

    One more question: there were four plastic plug-like inserts that I assume are to be used to cover the holes in the floor where the pallet bolts are removed. Then, I saw a couple of holes in the bottom of the door. Wondering if they should be plugged, as a moisture barrier.

    Finally, one more: what is everyone using for moisture control? I now have TWO of the Rem-Dri silica gel packs (allegedly, 35 cu. ft. capacity EACH), and they aren’t even making a dent in the humidity (gauge inside).

  21. DaveB says:

    I have some photos to share that show the installation of an 18 inch Goldenrod electric dehydrator in the back of the Cannon TS6026 Challenger gun safe.

    I located the factory pre-drilled hole in the safe’s steel shell in the center 2 1/2 inches up from the inside floor of the safe. I found the precise location by drilling a few 1/16 pilot holes in the area. I was lucky and located the 1/2 inch hole in the steel in just a few pokes through the drywall interior with these pin sized holes. Then I drilled a 1/4 inch hole for the power cord and vacuumed the safe to clean up.

    I made a rounded 2 3/4 inch cut out in the bottom of the vertical shelf support board to make room for the dehydrator rod and the cord. Then I mounted the rod to the back of the safe. By mounting it to the back rather than the floor, I’m able to push 50 cal ammo boxes back an extra half inch. But ultimately I also placed a couple short pieces of 2 x 4 under the ammo boxes to elevate them above the dehydrator. This gives a bit more airspace below the ammo cans to help with convection. I was careful to leave an inch behind the ammo cans at the back of the safe so air can curculate up behind all the ammo cans that I store, filling the right side of the safe. It is a tight fit and the door just has enough room to close.

    Hope this help anyone else who wants an electric safe dehydrator in this small safe…

    • Jim says:

      I’m assuming that the model of Goldenrod you chose has the removable plug. Am I right? And, did the plug end go through the 1/2″ hole in the back of the safe without your having to enlarge it? Also, it appears you have the “GunSaver” model of Goldenrod. Do you know how that differs from the standard gold colored Goldenrod?

      Thanks very much for your answers AND your post with pictures.

      • DaveB says:

        I drilled a 1/4 inch hole from the inside, to the 1/2 inch hole in the steel shell of the safe. Just large enough for the lamp-cord sized wire.

        The Gunsaver model Goldenrod does indeed have a plug that is easily removed by sliding a plastic piece off the top to allow the wire to be removed from the plug. Two small pins align to pierce the insulation at the end of the wire when the plug is reconnected. It’s worth noting the polarity of the wire by looking where one side of the insulation has a rib on it. And maintain that same orientation when reattaching the plug. It’s probably not a big deal if the polarity gets reversed with this resistive load. But I did make note of it anyway to keep it the same way it came from the factory.

        The top of the line Goldenrod “Gold” USA model costs more and is rated at 1 Watt per inch. The black Gunsaver model is cheaper, and it, and all the European models are rated at 2/3 W per inch. So it’s not quite as hot. The black gunsaver model was on sale at MidwayUSA. Look here for more information:

        My Gunsaver dehumidifier never gets hotter that I can hold against my face. It’s just mildly warm.

        If you read the well written section on the Goldenrod website about dew points and corrosion, you’ll learn that it really doesn’t remove humidity at all. The heating element warms the air just slightly, to keep the ambient moisture from condensing on the steel.

        The most important point of the installation is to allow room for air to circulate via convection above and below the horizontally mounted heating rod so that air currents can flow all the way up and around the safe.

        • Jim says:


          Thanks for the quick reply, and all the good info. Going to order a Goldenrod, and use your pictures as a guide.

          Best regards,


  22. Todd Christiansen says:

    Check out the Cannon Safe that has survived the fire. Here

  23. Billy says:

    Does anyone know where the safes are made?
    USA or China?

  24. Mitch says:

    It’s on sale again. Does anyone know if with the center divider you can fit an AR with optics into one of the sides?

    • Alex says:

      I am back after a short hiatus. Mitch – yes, your AR should fit just fine. Mine is stored on the “short” side of the safe with red dot optics, fits no prob. Lots of great info on this site guys, thanks.

  25. Kevin Kelly says:

    Thanks for all the detail in this string. I now have mine ordered. For the price it appears that you cannot go wrong.

  26. Alex says:

    Door storage – Can anyone provide info on the door storage please? Make, model, where to buy? Thank you!

    • Jim says:

      I bought the Cannon Door Storage item at Tractor Supply for $49.95.

      • Alex says:

        Jim – does it work well? Is there any interference with closing the door? Please advise and Thank you!

        • Jim says:

          Works like a champ, no interference with door closing. I comes with 6 holsters that are mounted to the storage piece with velcro. Due to an interfering medical situation, I haven’t had a chance to try my handguns yet, so don’t know how it will handle heavier weapons.

  27. Todd Christiansen says:

    These are some of the most popular: Amazon

    Cut and paste that link. Or check out the right sidebar at the bottom. That shows the picture of one.

    Or here is a post I wrote a while back:

  28. Ramki says:

    Thanks All for the information and suggestions, Ordered mine yesterday! I live in an apartment (3rd Floor). Any idea how curbside delivery works? will they deliver it outside my Apt door? Please let me know or should i check with Costco or Cannon?

    • chavo360 says:

      Ramki,curbside delivery means that they will drop the safe off the curb(street up front) of your apartment complex. They are not required to take your safe up to your apartment on the 3rd floor, its all up to you to do that. All I can say is good luck with that, this safe is heavy!

    • Jdul says:

      Hey Guys, not to get off topic…but did you get yours yet? It sounds like we all got in on the early Feb batch of safes. Did you hear anything from Costco? Thanks in advance.

  29. Kevin Kelly says:

    I canceled my Costco order for the safe. Wanted to put my hands on before delivery and found Tractor Supply carried Cannon safes. Went by to see it. They could not open what they had and noted repeated problems with it – in their words “it’s a piece of crap”. With that my order was canceled and I bought a Champion safe from Scheels. Not a 4 wk delivery period either comes Saturday. WAs a little more but think I will be better off.

  30. Tom H says:

    My safe came today. From the ad I purchased it from it met all specs: 60″x26″x20″ Driver helped me get it to my door, and was glad I had a furniture floor dolley because the pallet is kind of narrow he wasn’t sure if he could get it on the pallet jack, at least the one he had. The box was well weather from the trip and on one side of the safe was about a 3-4″ scratch that I didn’t mind because that was the side going up against the wall. Even still it could have been touched up easily with some touchup paint. All in all looks great. Now I just have to get it in the house!

  31. kevin Sharkey says:

    I have Cannon Scout safe and the push pad locking system went bad. I called the number to have it replaced. THe person on the phone said take the 4 boltz off the back to access the panel to remove. Well their are no boltz to remove the backing inside the safe? My manual has nothing on how to replace nor online?

    • Todd Christiansen says:

      I am surprised they didn’t give you more info. I don’t have one of those safes, but looking at the pictures online, it appears you may need to remove the door liner to get at that lock. See if there are any screws under the bags and pockets on the door that may be holding the panel in place. Otherwise, I would call them back before ripping anything off.

  32. Kevin Kelly says:

    Soo glad that I canceled my order for the Canon and instead got a Champion wit a dial.

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