Costco Bighorn 19ECB Safe Review

Costco Bighorn 19ECB Safe Review

Costco continues to advertise gun safes at incredible discounts for on-line purchase only.  As a member, I get a monthly coupon book with actual coupons for items in the store, but also on-line only offers.  Last month it was the Cannon Scout deal, this month it is a Bighorn Classic series, model 19ECB.  Costco has it on sale for $200 off or $569 after discount.

These products are made by Rhino Metals out of Caldwell, Idaho (close to Boise).  They are a US owned company, but do source products from around the world to build their safes.  While they make the Rhino series of safes in the US, the Bighorn series are made to their specifications oversees and imported.

Each Bighorn 19ECB has a 3MM thick steel body, which is just close to 11 gauge (most gun safes are thinner at 12 gauge).  UL testing shows that a metal thickness of less than 12 gauge (.105″) can be defeated with a cold chisel and hand sledge hammer in less than 5 minutes. Remember, the lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel.  It features external hinges to allow you to open the door 180 degrees as well as remove the door for easier transport (when removing the door, make sure you have a couple guys as it weighs about 150 pounds).  The door bolts are 1″ thick which is standard on most gun safes of this size and price.  The Bighorn does have a typical fire rating for most safes in this price point.  It is 1200 degrees for 30 minutes.

Each Bighorn Classic has two internal relockers and a seamless continuously welded body.  The door is a composite (made of several different pieces of steel) with drill-resistant armor.  All but the smallest safe in this series are California DOJ compliant and certified as a UL certified residential security container.  The model 19ECB weighs 435 pounds and has 19 cubic feet of interior space.  It claims a rifle capacity of 24 long guns, but I am always skeptical at that!

Although they don’t sell this model anywhere else, you could compare this to the BigHorn 6030.  That model is a 26 gun safe and is the same dimensions.  That safe, though has a 10 gauge shell, is good for 70 minutes at 1200 degrees and costs $1144 at Amazon.

The warranty on the BigHorn safes is not as unconditional as others such as Cannon safes.  If the safe is used in a residential application and you are the original owner and it was purchased from a Bighorn dealer and you have proof of purchase and you have a written statement, photographs of safe, and police report, Rhino will repair the safe.  Initially they will try to have it repaired and/or opened on-site by an authorized dealer.  If it must be returned to the factory for repair or replacement, you must then package and palletize the safe and make it available for curb side pickup.  Rhino will pay for the shipping.  If you fail to bolt the safe down, it voids the warranty.  The locks are only warranties for 1 year, regardless.  I personally think the Cannon Safe deal at Costco is maybe a better purchase.  Cannon has a better reputation and significantly better warranty.  Plus, it doesn’t come with all these warranty gotchas.

In summary, I think this is a decent purchase.  If you missed the Cannon Safe sale over Christmas at Costco, then buy yourself a BigHorn or wait till next Christmas for a Cannon (as they seem to do that sale each year).

5 Responses to “Costco Bighorn 19ECB Safe Review”

  1. Raul says:

    I just called Rhino metals and Margaret stated the thickness for the 19ECB is 2.75mm which is 12 gauge. The thickness for their B6030EL is 3mm which is 11 gauge. I have read other reviews which state the B6030EL is 10 gauge, which is not the case. If this is an important factor to anyone, please call rhino metals yourself to confirm it before making the purchase. I ordered the B6030EL from Costco and should be arriving next week sometime.

    • jim says:

      Any idea how it will be delivered? i.e, small delivery box truck? Tractor-Trailer?


      • Raul says:

        My delivery arrived via tractor trailer. I live in a townhome with the garages in the rear and he was hesitant at first to drive around but he was able to come in. He said this is due to them being charged for any damage to sprinklers or flower beds.

  2. Tony says:

    I agree with everything you wrote and having just ordered a Bighorn safe myself, I do appreciate the review. What has made everything associated with guns/ammo and safes, is this gun ban proposal by our loving and fair PRESIDENT ! ! ! ! I cannot find any ammo, unless I want to pay 2 or even 3 times the actual cost and with everyone wanting to purchase a handgun and or long rifle and PAYING the crazy costs, it has driven the prices even higher. This safe is a purchase simply on the savings and if I do like it, in the future, I might even get a second one. Thanx

    • Mel Mashman says:

      The problem is people “think” that Obama is going to ban their guns. This thought is promoted by gun and ammo manufactures to drive up demand. Irrational fear is a selling point and clearly enough people are buying it.

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