Expecting Company Post-SHTF

Expecting Company Post-SHTF

I try to practice OPSEC.  I talk to only trusted family or friends (who are also fellow preppers) about my prepping.  I try to keep my preps concealed.  Like most preppers, I think about the days when I would be living through SHTF with just my family and no one else.  Unfortunately, my wife is not so good about OPSEC.  She has mentioned it to several of her friends in passing (almost like a joke).  I used to worry if I would have people knocking on my door for help in a crisis.

As I read more and listened to some different preppers out there, I came to realize that even Rambo would have a hard time surviving a long time alone without any other help.  Who is going to watch your back, your homestead or family when you go into the woods to hunt or get water or firewood?  What if you get injured and you need help around the house?  What if you need a skill that you don’t have?

I am planning to bug-in, so everyone know where I live, therefore I really don’t believe that I could shut the door on my non-prepper friends or family members in the event of a disaster.  Could you tell your softball buddy that you have known for 15 years to get off your porch with his starving kids or you will shoot him?  I doubt it.

While I am not planning to be on Doomsday Preppers or put a sign in my front yard telling everyone I am a prepper, I have decided that I should be prepared to welcome other close friends and family when the SHTF.  Here are some things I am working on or planning to do:

  • Add more bulk food storage.  An extra 50 pound bag of rice is about $15.  This is about the cost of me and my buddy going to lunch at Jimmy Johns and me treating.  50 pounds of rice goes a long way.  I am planning to double my bulk storage.
  • I am rehearsing a speech for anyone that does call me or come over when disaster strikes.  This will include statements that we are working as a team to get out of here, but I expect you (and your family) to bust your ass to help.  Your work will be payment for food and other preps.  You need to bring whatever you can from your house and contribute to the cause (food, vehicles, clothing, etc).
  • If we have a breakdown of social order and we have roving gangs (which we have seen during the various riots and hurricanes in the US), I can’t watch both the front and back of the house for bad guys.  Plus, more guns are always better!
  • As anyone would do, I have a rough priority list in my head of who I would take first.  My jack-of-all-trades neighbor with a wife that cooks and gardens with their 3 easy kids are high on list versus my sister’s bum boyfriend that never lifts a finger when we are camping.
  • This decision also lead me to diversify my ammo and gun supply.  Originally I was standardized on .40 and .223.  Well, what if I run out, but my live-in neighbor has 9mm ammo?  While I am not going to buy every caliber, I am planning to pick up a 9mm for the wife and maybe a 30-06.

I think any reasonable person would agree that it is very difficult if not impossible to be an island in the chaos.  Having other people around you, even if you are providing all the supplies, is a better option.

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