Finding and Buying Used Gun Safe

Finding and Buying Used Gun Safe

Did you just buy a new gun and decide it is also time to upgrade or invest in a gun safe?  The nice thing about gun safes is that they really don’t get obsolete or wear out.  Most will last decades.  This is a good reason to consider buying used gun safe.  They are going to be less expensive than a new one and maybe except for some scratches in the paint going to be as good as new.

Finding a used gun safe is pretty straightforward.  Most safe dealers will carry used gun safes as they take them in trade or buy them at auctions.  Buying from a safe dealer or locksmith can insure that the locking mechanism of the safe works properly.  They may also be able to deliver and install the unit for you, which could be a good idea considering that a biometrics safe can weigh over 1000 pounds.  Just pay to have someone install it instead of taking the risk of someone getting hurt moving that beast.

CraigsList is also another great place to find used gun safes.  Often you can buy cheap used gun safes Craigslist because people just seem to be willing to almost give the safes away just to have someone move them out of their house.  If you buy a safe here, you should try the locking mechanism several times to insure it works properly.  Then once you get it into your home, I recommend that you have a locksmith come and change the combination.  Call me paranoid, but you don’t want the seller to show up at your home when you are gone and use the old combination to steal all your guns and valuables.  Just like buying it from a dealer, I would really consider having someone move this safe into its final spot in your home.

Once you identify a used gun safe, make sure to do your homework on the make and model.  Buying cheap safes can be more of a headache than they are worth.  Looks for brands like Amsec, Baraska, Dakota Safe and Biovault to name a few of the high quality safes that you should be looking for.

Recently, I attended an estate auction/sale.  I found a handsome home gun safe that really no one was looking at (they were all interested in the antiques).  It appears to be well cared for and they had the combination.  I tried it several times and everything appears to work well.  The price was perfect, but my wife said if I bring home another used gun safe, she may lock me in it!

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