Fort Knox Handgun Safes

Fort Knox Handgun Safes

I have to admit that most of the handgun safes that I talk about here are really just metal boxes with decent locks.  Really only a couple of these could be considered true safes.  The Barska Biometric and maybe the Stack-On drawer safe would measure up as “safes”.   I think you could argue about the Gunvault products being a metal box or a safe just like you can argue the pros and cons of the 1911 over the Glock.  Lastly, the small Secure-It units that are light weight and great under the car seat pistol safes are really just metal boxes.

I recently was at my local locksmith’s store getting some keys made and came across the Fort Knox safe brand.  I thought it was interesting that they had testimonials from celebrities like General N. Schwartzkopf, Bo Derek (not sure what she knows about safes, but that’s another discussion), Steven Segal, and many other outdoorsmen and professionals that could really spend just about anything they wanted on a safe.

It turns out this company also manufacturers a very nice handgun safe.  They don’t make a big deal of it as it is only one of their more than 10 models.  Plus, if you check out their website, it is under safe extras, not even their main safe menu.  Despite being somewhat of the stepchild of the company, this little guy pulls his weight.  In fact, I can’t even call him little as he weighs 24 pounds.  Most of the other safes such as the Gunvault GVB1000 is a light 8 pounds.  The Barska AX11224 is a comparable unit at 25 pounds.

I would argue this is a safe!  With 10 gauge steel on the body and 3/16″ thick door the Fort Knox has much more steel versus the 16 gauge on the Gunvault.  A burglar will have much more difficult time using a crow bar, large screwdriver or even a fire ax to open this.  The Barska also has a very heavy 3/16″ door, but the sides are again just 16 gauge steel.

The locking mechanism on the Fort Knox is a Simplex mechanical lock.  Just 5 buttons that you can program to any combination (you can only push each button once).  No batteries and very fast to open.  I am disappointed, though that this unit does not have anything more than a simple catch to lock the door to the frame, much like the GunVault.  The Barska, has 2 heavy solid steel bolts that secure the door to the frame, making a brute force attack against the door opening very difficult.

Both the Gun Vault and the Fort Knox safe are close to the same exterior dimensions with the Barska AX11224 being slightly larger inside.  Cost-wise, they are about $150 for the GunVault, $175 for the Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe and about $200 for the Barska AX11224.  I also appreciated that unlike the 90 day warranty with the GunVault and 1 year with Barska the Fort Knox company have a lifetime warranty on this unit.  You can see this is representational of the heritage of it’s larger big brother gun safes.  This Fort Knox unit is truly a safe and it fits well in with the competition of both GunVault and Barska.

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