Gun Safe Accessories

Gun Safe Accessories

I am kind of a geek.  I love small, simple tricks, tools, or gadgets that have a single purpose, that work well, and are worth every penny you pay for them.  Here are a couple gun safe accessories that I found are really slick additions for any safe owner.  Maybe you don’t need any of these, but I am sure you will see that some could really be handy if you had them in your safe:

  • The Cannon Safe SSL-04 lock light-Have you ever tried to open your pistol safe in the dark? Or maybe you have a flashlight handy, but you see spots after you turn it off and you need a moment to get your night vision back.  This small LED light has a red colored bulb to prevent giving you spots.  It attaches to your safe with a powerful integrated magnet.  Simply push the button and the light will stay on for 2 minutes.  It is powered by a 3-volt lithium battery and costs less than $20!
  • Eva-dry EDV-E-500 Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifier-I have several silica packs in my gun safe.  I bought a large desiccant recently and it works great, but the downfall of these units is when you have to recharge them.  Most will have to be placed in the oven for a couple of hours at 200 degrees to re-dry the silica granules inside.  I never remember to do that.  This little Eva-dry works differently.  When the crystals turn pink, it is time to renew the unit.  Simply plug it into a 120 volt outlet in a well ventilated area and in 12-14 hours it will be ready to go.  It has a 5 year warranty and the crystals are expected to last 10 years.  You need one of these for your gun safe.
  • The Browning ZeRust Protectant-This device is secured to the interior of your safe and it emits a tiny invisible vapor over its 1 year life-span.  That vapor forms a corrosion and rust resistant barrier on all metal surfaces.  This is an excellent and inexpensive (less than $10 at Amazon) to protect your guns and other metal items in your larger safe (it should be used in safes at least 30″ wide).
  • Cannon Safe Door Pistol Organizer-If you have a larger gun safe with rifles, handguns, documents, and other valuables, you may be feeling like your safe is a little unorganized.  Maybe your Glock is just laying on top of your Will or some birth certificates!  You need a door organizer to get yourself put together.  Great way to put some order to your safe.

Spend a couple minutes looking at these inexpensive gadgets for your safe and how they might make life a little easier for you.


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