GunVault Biometric Pistol Safe

GunVault Biometric Pistol Safe

GunVault has been manufacturing pistol safes for over 20 years.  They are recognized as an industry leader and have brought many new innovations to the market for both handguns and long guns.  They patented their finger pad sequence solution which is their trademark hand print on the top of the handgun safes that has buttons to open the safe.  This allows you to feel your way to opening the safe in the dark.

Their newest models are made with the same hand print on the top, but these pistol safes add a biometric fingerprint reader.  The Gun Vaults GVB1000 and GVB2000 have the same technology with the 1000 being what GunVault calls their micro vault unit.  It has a single shelf and could hold maybe 2 guns.  It is 2″ shorter and 2″ less deep than the GVB2000 unit.

The addition of the biometric reader has really changed the safe little compared to the non-biometric versions.  These new Gunvault safes feature a high-performance recognition software that is said to increase the speed at which the fingerprint is read and the safe is opened as well as decreasing the false reject (which means the safe won’t open even for someone that has been enrolled).  The algorithm updates the fingerprint scans over time by learning how subtle changes in a person’s fingerprint will affect the scans.  These units currently can hold 30 separate enrolled entries.

Just like the non-biometric pistol safe version are made of 16-gauge steel with a foam lining.  They come with mounting hardware to mount the pistol safe where you can access it quickly.  The Gunvault biometric safe is powered by a battery to run the scanner, but all fingerprints are stored in ROM memory and will be saved even if the battery dies (although it will not open with out power).  GunVault expects the battery to last about 1 year, but also has a blinking low battery light to warn you.  The battery also powers a light on the interior of the safe (a nice feature you don’t even seen in large safes).  You can also attach the pistol safe to an AC or DC power supply (the adapter is included) for a piece of mind that the battery will not be a problem.  This would also be great for a vehicle safe.

While the GVB1000 weights almost 4 pounds less than the GVB2000, it costs only $20 less.  For my money, I would spend the extra $20 and get the larger Gunvault safe, which can hold at least 2 handguns and then some extra valuables.  Regardless of which Gunvault pistol safe you purchase, you will be satisfied.

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