GunVault NanoVault 300-Product Review

GunVault NanoVault 300-Product Review

I am a big fan of small, thin pistol safes that can be easily used as a car pistol safe.  As I have mentioned before, I own the Secure-it storage case.  It is not sexy, but it is a metal box about 9/5″ long, 6.5″ wide and about 2″ thick.  It has a padded interior and a simple keyed lock.  I have it tethered with the included steel cable to the underside of my drivers seat.  I can easily reach down and pull it out and deposit my pistol in the box without much notice from anyone around me.

My only complaint about the Secure-It box that I own is that is has a keyed lock.  Occasionally, I will have the car running (so the keys are in the ignition) and I will want to open the handgun storage safe.  I have to turn off the car and use the keys.  This is mostly an annoyance, nothing more.

Gunvault sells a comparable model with their NanoVault line of products.  The Nano Vault 100 and 200 are almost identical to the Secure-It in size, design and interior.  They use a simple keyed lock to open and they do meet the TSA airlines firearm guidelines for traveling on commercial airlines with a gun in your luggage.  They have a 21 gauge steel exterior with a foam lined interior.  The four foot security cable as a 1,500 pound breaking strength.  These products retails for $25-35 depending upon where you purchase them.  The 200 is slightly larger and more expensive than the base model 100.

The Gunvault NanoVault 300, on the other hand is the same size as the 100, but it has a 3 digit dial combination with a simple turn knob to open the lock.  This would be much easier and quicker to operate than using a key.  Plus, you could always give out the combination to others for use in an emergency.  The cost of the GunVault NV300 NanoVault is $35-40 (funny item is that Gunvault sells them for $60 on their website, but Amazon has them much cheaper).  Well worth the extra $5 in my book!

While this pistol safe works great for my Glock 27, several com mentors on Amazon report that it may be too small for a full sized 1911 or M&P.  You may want to check one out at a local retailer and then order from Amazon or use the measurements to determine if your handgun will fit.

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