GunVault’s GV3000 Drawer Vault

GunVault’s GV3000 Drawer Vault

GunVault has just announced that it will be coming out with a new product they are calling the Drawer Vault.  The model numbers are GV3000 and the biometric version GVB3000.  Maybe they are feeling the pressure of lost sales to Baraska with their top opening biometric safe.  Maybe they like the looks of the Stack-On Drawer Safe.  While I understand that GunVault has their MicroVault product, it is really small and just big enough to store a single gun in.  No room for laptops or other valuables.

Enter their new offering the GV3000 Drawer Vault.  This is a much larger container with their typical hand print on the top for either standard or biometric opening.  It is made out of a light 18 gauge steel, which is really just enough to keep a child (or a worthless thief) away from the contents, as most gun safes are made of much thicker 12 gauge steel.  It does have a mount point for an optional security cable (which is disappointingly not included).

The GunVault Drawer Vault includes a backup key entry in case of electronics or battery failure.  The unit will beep when the battery is low as well as display a lit LED, but that battery is inside the cover so you will need the key if the battery dies.  The pistol safe weighs just a little over 8 pounds and has dimensions of 12x10x4.25.  This should be short enough to fit inside a drawer, but large enough to store a few items including a handgun, passport, and some spare ammo.

GunVault is estimating that the GV3000 will retail at $219 and the biometric version, GVB3000 will be $335.  Like most of its competitors, the biometric version will allow 30 enrolled fingerprints.

This unit is slightly smaller than the Barska top opening biometric unit and has thinner metal.  The Barska is about 16 gauge (1/16″) on the sides vs 18 gauge on the GunVault.  Not that the difference (and mentioned above) is going to slow down a determined thief more than about 20 extra seconds.   The Barska is $214 at Amazon right now, which is $110 less than the GunVault GVB3000.

The Stack-On biometric drawer safe is at Amazon for $107 and the electronic version is at Amazon for $50.  Both units are same length and height as the GunVault, but are just 1.4″ narrower (which doesn’t mean much).  This safe actually has 2 live action bolts versus the light weight metal tab in the GunVault.  If see the other GunVault units next to the Stack-on, there is really no comparison in thickness of materials and security.  The Stack-On is substantially heavier and feels more like a true safe than a metal box.

While I have not seen the GV3000, I am not sure I would spend double or even triple (in the case of the Stack-On), just so I could get the patented hand print on the top!


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