Handgun Safe Alternative-The MSE Life Jacket

Handgun Safe Alternative-The MSE Life Jacket

I was cruising through Amazon today and I am sure you know how good a job that site does at recommending products to you!  In fact, I believe they have several patents on how to upsell or suggest things for you to buy.  It is like the impulse items at the grocery store check out!

But, I digress.  I was looking at pistol safes and some other shooting items.  Amazon recommend a product that caught my eye.  The MSE Life Jacket is a hard plastic (polycarbonate) piece thatfits over the majority of the gun and then locks closed.  It has a steel reinforced perimeter to prevent someone from trying to stick a screwdriver in there and pry this off.  The lock is a simple keyed lock that the company claims is heavy duty and incorporates a solid steel double pin hinge for additional security.

This device fits most handguns and medium frame revolvers.  No adjustments or sizing required.  It has padding on the inside that compresses to hold the handgun firm, but will not scratch it.  It completely covers the action and trigger, but actually allows you easy access to the magazine (but I suppose you couldn’t release the magazine as you can’t get to the lever on the upper part of most guns).

For some gun owners, this may be an excellent alternative or addition to their security.  I can see someone using this as a very lightweight device in place of small Gunvault or Secure-it handgun safe in their vehicle.  Others may like to use this in their night stand at night, but you would need to find somewhere to keep the key for the lock that could not be found by a burglar or child, but at the same time quickly accessible (this application makes me a little nervous).

MSE also makes these covers for the AR-15, Rifle and shotgun.  The company claims that it is California approved.  I checked out their website and it was unclear if this is TSA approved.  MSE also has a test summary for the line of Life Jackets from 2001.  The tests that they put this unit through was very impressive including lock picking, forced removal of the firearm, shock test, and plug torque test to name a couple.

If you are looking for a lighter weight option than a full blown pistol safe, this may be for.  Plus at less than $30 each, they are certainly in expensive.


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