Liberty Timber Ridge TR 25 Safe at Gander Mountain

Liberty Timber Ridge TR 25 Safe at Gander Mountain

I subscribe to email from just about every single outdoors retail & internet store out there.  I supposed it is like Nascar or Football highlights for us prepper/outdoor types.  I love looking at (probably more like coveting) all the gadgets and stuff.

Just a day ago I received my Gander Mountain blast email.  I clicked on the link and was taken to a typical sales landing page.  While I was watching the pictures of North Face Jackets and gun cases scroll by, a gun safe caught my eye.  As I have mentioned before, looking at gun safes to me is like most guys look at cars.  I marvel at the finish, read the specs, wonder what it would be like to drive, um I mean own this unit.

Gander Mountain is selling the Liberty Timber Ridge TR 25 gun safe.  Looking over Google history, it looks like they have been selling this unit for many years (I can see discussions about this safe on some gun forums back to 2007).  The “sale” price for this unit is currently $999 (as of March 1, 2013).  I see that it was priced at $849 on black Friday.  The so-called “regular price” is $1499 (although I am not sure you would ever pay that).  If you troll around on the Gander Mtn. site, you can find the same safe with a mechanical lock for $899.

This is a decent safe that is rated for 25 guns.  It has a 12 gauge exterior with the sides and top being one solid piece bent to the shape and then the back robotically welded on.  While they don’t carry this on their website, based upon the specs, this appears to be similiar to their Colonial model line.

The Timber Ridge TR25 features 11 bolts on 3 sides of the doors, which is a slight upgrade from other gun safes of this size at this price point.  It comes with the typical electronic lock and 3 spoke handle in a nice grey color (no green for me).  I was happy to see that is also has not just a hole for an electrical plug, but a well thought out electrical outlet that will also maintain the fire protection.

It is UL rated for 45 minutes of fire protection.  Liberty uses a unique design to add multiple layers of 5/8″ fiberboard.  They even make another model that can with stand 2.5 hours at 1200 degrees (probably overkill for the average residential safe owner).

Gander Mountain also includes some extras that I really like.  With this safe, you get a door organizer with large pouches for holding handguns, documents or other items.  It comes with the pre-installed outlet as I mentioned above.  They also throw in a dehumidifier rod and battery powered light.

At first glance I thought the price was a great deal.  Then I see that there is a $367 freight charge!  Bummer.  But, upon further analysis, I read that this includes Liberty’s Gold Service In-Home Delivery.  The safes are shipped directly from the Liberty factory via truck and are placed in the first level of the home.  While it does take about 6-8 weeks for delivery, I do like that they will bring it into my house.  Unfortunately, if you want it in the basement, it appears you need to do that yourself.

The TR25 is a good safe with the right amount of security and fire protection.  The price is a little higher than the Cannon model at Costco, but if you are not a Costco customer or don’t catch it when it is on-sale, this Liberty gun safe is a good value.


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  1. The sound which great! I retained them for couple months now without having any problems and Provides you with them to help anyone at all ages.

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