Menards Stack-On & Sentinel Safe Sale

Menards Stack-On & Sentinel Safe Sale

I swear that getting emails from Menards is like porn.  I love looking through all the tools and/or gadgets that I need so I can call myself a real man!  Well, today Menards sent out an email about a 1 day on-line sale that just got me all hot and bothered.  It was for gun safes.  More specifically, they were selling the entire line of Stack-on and Sentinel safes at 20% off.

Both of these brands are on the lower end of quality and security, but they are better than nothing.  They mostly feature thinner metal and less expensive locking systems.  They are widely sold at most big box stores and frankly, they are hitting the lower price points versus security.  But, that pricing model has worked for lots of companies (think Kia, Wrangler, Dell).

Unfortunately (or if you are my wife, fortunately) for me, I don’t need another gun safe right now.  If you are in the market and don’t have much money to spend or just need anything to lock up your guns while you save for a bigger, better safe, take a look at these safes.  If you are reading this post after August 30, 2012, you are probably out of luck.  Go over to Amazon and take a look around.  They have free shipping on most safes and a nice selection of more than just these 2 brands.

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