Moving Your Gun Safe Home

Moving Your Gun Safe Home

So you finally decided that you are going to buy that new gun safe.  You have looked all over, asked around, checked out pricing everywhere and you are ready to buy.  With some of these safes weighing up to 1000 pounds, have you though about how you are going to get this monster home?  Many buyers just assume they will throw it in the back of their pickup.  Well, you are actually correct!  Despite their weight, they can be easily transported in the back of your truck by following these steps:

  1. This is a 2 person job.  Do not try to do this alone.  With a large gun safe such as a Stack-on gun safe weighing up to 1000 pounds, trying to do this alone can be at least stupid and at worst, deadly.
  2. Do not try to put this in your truck using the dock doors.  These are made for semi-trucks and the floor will be up to 24″ above the bed of your truck.  While it may seem easy to simply slide the safe off this higher ground, it can severely damage your vehicle or kill you if the unit slips and moves quickly into the bed of the truck.  The lower the truck bed height and taller the safe, the better.
  3. Have the store bring the unit on its pallet to the entrance of the store or where ever they allow customer pickups.  The new safe should be on a flat level ground at the same height as the tires of your truck.
  4. Before proceeding, you should inspect the tailgate of your truck.  For a brief time, the entire weight of this safe will be on the tailgate.  Many are not meant to handle 1000 pounds.  If possible, remove it for safety reasons.
  5. Place the safe far enough away from the bed of the truck to allow the safe to lean over at a 45 degree angle.  Make sure to position the front or door of the safe to be up once the safe is in the truck bed.  In other words, this safe should travel on its back.  This is to prevent any damage to the locking mechanism and the fact that the door is most often the heaviest part of the unit and you don’t want it to throw you off balance.  This is especially true for biometric safes and their fragile electronics.
  6. If you have a bed liner, add a piece of cardboard into the bed of the truck to make it easier to slide once you get it in there.
  7. With one person on the back and one person in the bed of the truck, push the top of the safe to have it lean at a 45 degree angle resting against the lip of the open truck bed.
  8. Now with both persons on the ground, lift up on the bottom, using the truck bed as a fulcrum point to distribute the weight.  You will find this is actually pretty easy to lift.
  9. Once it is lifted to level, push the safe all the way to the front of the truck bed.  Be careful not to ram it into the front of the bed as you will bend or damage the truck bed.
  10. To remove it, simply reverse the process.  It is just that easy to move your rifle safe.

If you need further information, there are several YouTube videos out there on how to do this.  Alternatively, see what the cost is to have your safe delivered from where you purchased it.

Update:  One more option is to consider the Dakota safe, Interlock XP, which is a modular safe that comes in 6 pieces, none of which weighs more than about 100 pounds.

3 Responses to “Moving Your Gun Safe Home”

  1. Ryan says:

    Any thoughts on a 400lb safe on a second floor with 16″ trusses 24″ apart in a walk in closet with no other furniture near by? Building inspector from my home seems to think it will be fine, its not a 1000lb vault…He said it will not just fall through the floor or crack any structure and stairs should be fine with 2-3 guys carrying it upstairs.

    • Todd Christiansen says:

      Great question, but I am going to have to defer to the building inspector as he has seen the house. My gut tells me it probably will be just fine.

    • jamie says:

      it will be fine….compare it to this…if you had four friends standing within the same space that the safe occupies they will out-weigh the safe by alot. no prob!!

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