Your Pistol and the Police

Your Pistol and the Police

Today I had to call the police as someone had broken into one of my rental properties while it was vacant.  They did a bunch of damage and stole several things including some of the copper water pipes (common in our area).  I just wanted to file a police report so that if anything turned up they could prosecute the criminals.  I really didn’t expect them to catch the guys, but hey there is always a chance.

Whenever I am in the city, I wear my every day carry (EDC).  When I was talking to 911 about having a police car stop by and take a report, I thought, “Huh, I wonder how I should approach or discuss my concealed pistol”.  I decided to simply tell the police dispatcher that I have a permit to carry and did they have any preference how we handled this when the officers arrived.

I was surprised that the dispatcher, who in our state are actually police trained, would not have had a more confident answer to that question.  So I jumped in and said that I would take the pistol off and secure it in my vehicle pistol safe under my seat before the officers got there.  It was interesting the questions that he proceeded to ask.  He wanted to know what side I wear my holster on, where the pistol safe was in the vehicle, where I would be when the officers arrived, and what I was wearing.  He then recommended that I keep my hands in plain view when they arrived.

It was odd that even though I disclosed that I had a permit that he wanted me to keep my hands visible.  In our state, you can carry concealed or open and there is no requirement to tell an officer that you have a gun on you.  I think it was a prudent move to get everything out in the open to be sure there were not any tense moments when the officers arrived.  I am glad that I was up front as I have nothing to hide and want the officers to be aware of everything.

Unfortunately, I sat there, with my pistol in my hand (waiting to put it in the pistol safe), for about 1 hour before I had to go and the police never showed!

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