Problems With the Gunvault Biometric Safe

Problems With the Gunvault Biometric Safe

The Gunvault Biovault 2.0 biometric gun safe is definitely a popular model.  It is sold in many places like, Amazon, and even Walmart.  The marketing people have spent some time on the look of the product to make it look high tech and sleek like something out of a sci fi movie!  Unfortunately, this safe has some design issues and missing features that you should be aware of:

  • Once you place your finger on the fingerprint reader, the top doors do open in about 3-4 seconds.  Quick enough for most emergencies.  Sadly, the doors pop open and make a fairly loud clunk as they hit their open position.  This is not a sound that would probably go unnoticed by an intruder.  Your stealth and concealment would be compromised by how loud this is.  Additionally, when you close the safe there is a distinct click of the metal latch locking.
  • This biometric safe has no holes in the back to mount the unit to the floor or wall.  Because of the design of the back, there really isn’t any easy way to add some hardware to the unit without drilling holes in it to mount it.  The safe does come with a cable to tether it around a large object or to an eye bolt in the floor or wall.  For over $200 this seems like a very cheap way to secure this safe.  **Update:  I have found that you can purchase a wall mount for the BioVault 2.0 for about $50 from Amazon.  This is a much more secure way to mount your unit than tethering it to something.**
  • Thankfully the case of the Biovault is made of metal but it is lighter metal at that.  The entire unit only weighs 13 pounds.  Because of the design of the clam shell doors, it would be pretty simple to put a crowbar in between them and pry the unit open to reveal the contents.  Without any tools, though, it would be impossible for a child to get into it.
  • You must also be careful who you purchase the BioVault product from.  It is actually manufactured in China and sold under several different brand names in the US.  Some of those retailers have good and others horrible tech support and warranty terms.  Many buyers have had bad units that they could not then get repaired or replaced.

This safe is a good value for keeping your gun in a safe away from children and a place to store valuable documents.  It can also be opened very quickly and easily in an emergency because of the biometric lock.  It is not a high security device meant to thwart all professional attempts to open it.  Because of the issues with it, a good alternative is the Barska biometric safe.

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