Product Review: Cannon Safe CS24 Executive Safe at Costco

Product Review:  Cannon Safe CS24 Executive Safe at Costco

11/27 Update:  The information in this post is not correct.  Please see this updated post about the Cannon CS24 at Costco here.

I know, I know, I am a geek at heart.  I have written several other times about Cannon Safe deals at Costco.  I guess for me, when I see a great deal, I need to analyze it to see why/if it is a good value.  Costco’s latest coupon book (that get’s sent to all its members), features the Cannon Safe CS24 Executive Safe.  Unfortunately, as always, Costco is pretty short with details.

Knowing the Cannon Safe line pretty well, I dug into find out what this is.  Some of this information is based upon an on-line chat with the Cannon Safe sales rep and other is based upon the Safari line information on the Cannon Safe website.  Here is what I found:

  • The Safari line of safes is considered Cannon’s entry level model that they use to hit a price point to compete with other lesser gun safe manufacturers.
  • This CS24 safe is considered a 24 gun safe.
  • I believe this model is similar to (but not the exact same safe as) the Safari Series 5526 (which is priced at $868 on the Cannon Website) which has:
    • 1″ active-lock bolts
    • Internal hinges
    • Composite door
    • Pre-drilled bottom for mounting to floor-very important
  • According to the sales guy:
    • This gun safe has a 12 gauge steel body, which is good, but not great by gun safe standards.  Compare this to the Sturdy Gun Safes that have a whopping 7 gauge steel (more than twice as thick-but also more than 3x the price!).
    • This unit has a 1 year warranty that only covers the lock and workmanship (manufacturing defects).  You don’t get the amazing lifetime warranty that is standard on higher end Cannon Safe models that includes 100% replacement for the safe after a fire or burglary attempt/entry.  This is one of the best warranties in the safe business.
  • It does come with a nice 3 spoke handle in high gloss black.
  • Since it is a uni-body construction (made of 1 piece of steel bent 3 ways), it is more difficult to pry open
  • It also features a UL listed solenoid electronic lock which is protected by 3 layers of extra hard, 60+ RC steel hard-plates that protect the lock. These double sided rugged pieces of steel stop a burglar from tampering with your lock and gaining access.
  • This safe is labelled as having a 30 minute fire protection, which is adequate for most home use.

All in all, this is decent safe at a great price ($549).  The biggest item that you are losing when purchasing this safe is the lifetime warranty, but you would have to spend almost 2x more to get into the Cannon Scout line for that.

19 Responses to “Product Review: Cannon Safe CS24 Executive Safe at Costco”

  1. Mike says:

    I just ordered this CS24 safe from Costco, $549.99, then noticed the dimensions in the mailer says, 60″H X 26″W X 20″D.
    The website says, 60″H X 20″W X 26″D.
    Which is it?
    I hope I don’t have to refuse delivery…
    If it’s 20″W and not 26″W then I will refuse it.

    • admin says:

      Great catch on the difference. I assume that they simply transposed the Width and Depth. If you look at the other safes in the Scout line from Cannon, they are all 19-25″ deep, but always wider. Even the 33 gun unit is 25″ deep, but 40″ wide.

  2. Matt says:

    Are you sure the safe pictured is accurate in the online Costco ad? The costco online link says that the safe is 13 ft^2 and only 20″ wide. That seems very small.


    Up to 24 Firearm capacity
    Hammer-tone Black Paint
    Exterior Dimensions: 60” H x 20 W x 26” D, depth includes lock and handle.
    Interior Dimensions: 58” H x 18” W x 22” D
    13 Cubic Ft.
    30 Minute Certified FIRE SAFE
    Weight: 360 lbs

    • admin says:

      See the other comment above. I believe they transposed the width and depth. Using the interior dimensions above, I get 13.29 cubic feet. Using the exterior dimensions, I get 18 cubic feet. This appears to very close to the same size as the Scout 19, which is also rated at 24 guns. Remember that to put 24 guns in any safe rated as 24 guns, you would have to jamb them in even upside down!

      I have noticed that Costco is never very picky about their specs when they list these safes. Sometimes Cannon doesn’t even know what Costco is selling!
      Make sense?

  3. sdb says:

    Was it costco or cannon which told you the costco safe did not include the warranty? Or was that just conjecture based on comparison with the similar cannon model?

    The costco website strongly implies that their safe includes the Cannon warranty:

    ”’its industry leading ZERO COST RESIDENTIAL WARRANTY which will repair or replace a safe after a Fire, Burglary or Natural Flood.”’

    ”’Zero Cost residential warranty replaces safe after a fire, natural flood, burglary”’

    ”’Exclusive Warranty:
    ”’ Cannon was established in 1965 and has served millions of customers nationwide. Our time in business and our transferable warranty makes owning a safe one of the best investments in your home. Sell your safe and the warranty transfers to the new owner. Experience an attack or fire and one of our trained team members will help you with repairing or replacing your safe-We are the only company which does not make you go through your home owners insurance, We believe if Cannon Safe is offering the warranty then Cannon Safe should handle the case and not an insurance company who will drag out the issue for weeks or longer. One call Cannon Safe starts the process.”’

    • Todd Christiansen says:

      Thanks for the question. I love Cannon Safes especially for their unlimited warranty.

      In regards to these Costco units, asked Cannon Safes directly. Costco had a similar sale on Cannon Safes last year at this time, I thought it was a great deal and did my research. Part of that was contacting Cannon both via chat and on the phone to ask about the Costco model (different one last year). Last year, they confirmed that it only has a 1 year warranty. Also, if you look at the Cannon website, they have a disclaimer on this page: that excludes the Safari line. So this tells me not all their safes carry that warranty (and probably why they can carry it so cheap). Here is the 2011 post:

      I wrote this 11/20/12 post the day after I received the Costco catalog in the mail. Again, I did contact Cannon support via Chat on 11/19. Here is the transcript:

      Cannon Rep(06:34:01 PM) : Thank you for contacting us through our website chat my name is xxxx, how may I help you today?
      Todd : Can you tell me anything about the Cannon CS24 that Costco has in their most recent ad?
      Cannon Rep: what would you want to know about it Todd?
      Todd : What gauge steel does this have?
      Cannon Rep: 12 gauge
      Todd : Great.
      Todd : Most other gun safes are rated at 24, 30 or so guns. Is this considered a 30 gun?
      Cannon Rep: 24
      Todd : What is the warranty on this?
      Cannon Rep: 1 year warranty
      Cannon Rep: on all of the safari series models
      Todd : K. Is that on workmanship or also on fire/burglar damage?
      Cannon Rep: everything
      Todd : K. Do I contact you guys or Costco if I have a warranty claim?
      Cannon Rep: you have to contact us. with problems with your keypad ans such
      Todd : On your website it says that Cannon will pay freight to and from factory for repairs. Does that apply to this model?
      Cannon Rep: if we are exchanging a safe everything is covered.. but only curve side delivery
      Cannon Rep: that is if we are replacing the safe.
      Cannon Rep: if not.. we would send a locksmith whithin the year to fix the safe at your house
      Todd : Are you sure about the full warranty? Your website says” The Safari Series, H1, H2 and Wall Vault offer a one year warranty for lock and manufacturing defects.
      Cannon Rep: that is for our other safes.
      Cannon Rep: safari have only one year warranty
      Todd : Just to confirm, is the warranty on this and other Safari lines include fire damage and damage from break-ins?
      Todd : Above you said everything, but I read the line from your website as it is just workmanship and locks.
      Cannon Rep: its lock and worksmanship sir
      Cannon Rep: ok.
      Todd : Ok. Just wanted to be sure.
      Cannon Rep: you can call our sales dept at 1800 242 1055
      Cannon Rep: ext
      Cannon Rep: 781
      Cannon Rep: so they can help you out further with information for that safe.
      Todd : Is this CS24 the same specs as the 5526 on your website? The Costco page doesn’t give much detail.
      Cannon Rep: please contact our sales dept. at 1800 242 1055 ext 781.
      Todd : Ok. Thanks.
      Cannon Rep: your welcome

      They told me it was just a 1 year warranty. The Costco website did not have the page up yet when I wrote this post (not uncommon for Costco). I see now, the page is up: You are correct that it states that it has the full warranty. I also see by this picture that this model is a Scout, not the Safari line. Now as I re-read the transcript it appears this rep may have been confused as he was saying 1 year, but he then referred to the Safari line, which this is not.

      With this new information, I am going to reach back out to them and try to get a handle on this. They are closed now so I will do it in the am.

      Thanks for the heads up!

  4. sap_man says:

    Great information. I’m interested in the CS24 from Costco, but need to be able to place a dehumidifying rod in there as it will be in my garage. I can’t seem to locate information pertaining to the ability to add an electric dehumidifying rod inside.

    Anyone have an idea if this can be accomplished?


    • Todd Christiansen says:

      Yes. It has a simple 1/2″ hole in the back to allow you to fish an extension cord into the safe for lights and de-humidifying rods.

  5. drt says:

    Thanks for the very helpful information. Do these safes have to be plugged into a wall outlet for the keypad lock to function or is the keypad lock battery powered? I understand that the safe has an electrical outlet for powering things like computers, which presumably has to be plugged into a wall outlet, but I’m not sure the keypad locking system needs power.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  6. brandon says:

    Click the video link on the Costco website. The cannon rep on there said it includes a built in plug. Which is it?

    • Todd Christiansen says:

      I asked about that specifically when I spoke to the sales person on the phone. She said it was just a hole. No outlet inside the unit.

  7. Kulit says:

    Regarding the warranty…I received this safe a week ago. The packet that came with it included a certificate that says “Lifetime Warranty”.

  8. Philip Adam says:

    I ordered the small Cannon rifle safe from Costco about 7 years ago. Lost my house to a fire in 2010 and then Vandals/thieves tried to open the safe while the police wouldn’t let me remove anything from the house. They hammered and chiseled. Destroyed the lock set but didn’t get in. Between the fire, water and vandalism it was a mess on the outside by the time we got to it but secure. I had to have a shop cut the bottom off on there giant saw and all was well inside. Costco called Cannon and got me info on faxing info to cannon to replace it.

  9. I will not have another Cannon safe, due to the personnel you have to dill with when you can not get your safe open, I have had my Cannon for 2yrs, card when out, could not get to my guns out for last part of deer season.Ok call Cannon for tenhical support,they said don’t worry we get your safe open, we will send you another card,then call us an we will walk you through the steps,card take about 5 working days to come in. Well after week when by, call them back about the card, they said order didn’t get put in. Ok finally got the card, its differnt I said ok my be a updated one no problem, call them to get them to walk me through it to open it. The techinal support guy said you will have to call a lock smith, I said give me your manager above you, this lady was no help, they had change their card sg to ngl, still not open,guess i have to spend 200.00 for LS,I get my guns out and will have me big target to shoot at,going to try me a LIBERTY SAFE

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