Why I Love My Handgun Rack for My Safe

Why I Love My Handgun Rack for My Safe

For years, I have just laid my handguns on a shelf in my large gun safe.  It was not a big deal when I first bought the safe and had a couple rifles and two handguns in the safe.  I also never stored any documents or other valuables in the safe.  Over time, my collection of both long guns and pistols has grown.  I have also realized that this safe is the best place to protect my important documents and valuables.  In other words it is getting crowded.  My handguns on the shelf are not as secure as they were and I could use the shelf space for other items.

I found an ingenious handgun rack for  safe made by Rack ‘Em.  You can buy the rack em pistol racks in a 16 Gun Pistol Rack or an 8 handgun configurations.  While this is really just a wire frame with a cloth protector and mounting kit, the makers of this product have really thought through the design.  The larger full door rack can be customized with pouches to hold documents and other valuables.  You simply use the enclosed drill bit to drill several holes on the inside of the safe to mount these small screws that secure the unit to the inside of the gun safe door.

This allows you to add extra room to your gun safe, keep your pistols organized and safe from dropping or scratching.  The unique design also allows air to flow around them to keep them dry.  Soft PVC coating protects the safe finishes from scratches; Fits all safes, securely fastens to top ledge with screws which Rack ‘Em supplies with the unit.

I do recommend that you check with your gun safe manufacturer before purchasing any gun safe pistol rack to see if drilling holes will void any warranty.  I would assume that if you own a fireproof or waterproof safe, you may impair the protection by breaking the door seal.  You would not want to do this for organization benefits!  If it could cause a problem, simply purchase a separate pistol safe to move your handguns out of the gun safe.

Other manufacturers have different designs for these pistol holder for gun safe.  Some will use a Velcro material on the door and then hang pockets off the Velcro.  I have read mixed reviews about this design with some owners claiming it actually held moisture against their handguns and contributed to slight surface rust.  You can also purchase pistol stands for your gun safe, which consume shelf space, but should be usable in all larger gun safes and require no modifications.

If you own more than one pistol and have a gun safe, this may be a great pistol safe storage device for you if you are not up for buying a dedicated pistol gun safe.

2 Responses to “Why I Love My Handgun Rack for My Safe”

  1. That’s pretty fancy-looking on the inside. What are the dimensions of the gun rack?

    • admin says:

      The full door model holds up to 16 guns and 3 storage pouches. The dimensions are 16.75″ x 2.25″ by 48″ H. The 8 gun model is only 24″ high. Nice units.

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