The Best Pistol Safe

The Best Pistol Safe

Buying a pistol safe is an important investment if you own a gun.  Pistol safes come in many different designs, sizes and purposes.  They can also have various lock styles and are made by most of the mainline safe manufacturers.  Depending upon your application and needs there are probably several that will work best for you.

Without knowing more about your particular situation, such as needs and gun collection, I can’t give you a direct answer.  What I can do is give you some thought provoking comments that should lead you down the right path.

How Many Guns Do You Own?
Many pistol safes are designed to hold 2 pistols comfortably.  Some can accommodate more, but may compromise quick retrieval.  Under the seat vehicle models are generally best for just a single pistols as they are thin and small for easy concealment under the seat of your vehicle.  If you have a large collection of both handguns and long guns, maybe you should consider a larger gun safe which will easily accommodate your long guns, but then add a pistol rack in the gun safe to hold your handguns.

Where Will the Pistol Safe Live?
If you are looking for a vehicle pistol safe, that has a very different application than if you want a safe to store your home protection handgun.  Vehicle pistol safes come in a couple types.  Some are generic metal boxes and simply slide under your seat with a cable wrapped around a part of the vehicle. Others are vehicle specific that will mount in the large center console of many SUV models such as the Ford F150, Toyota Tundra or Range Rover.  Many home pistol safes can also be tethered or mounted in the trunk of a vehicle for additional security.

If you want a handgun safe that will live under your bed or near where you sleep that give you immediate access to you pistol in the middle of the night, you should consider a biometric safe.  The Barska Biometric Safe is a very popular product for gun owners (in fact, it is one of Amazon’s top selling small, biometric safes).  These units open in about 5 seconds and can be done without lights or fumbling for a combination.  These are just what you need in an emergency or crisis situation.  When your adrenaline is pumping and your mind is racing, you may not be able to remember the combination for a traditional safe.

How Often Will Your Use the Safe?

Many gun owners simply keep their handguns in the same safe as their important documents and valuables.  That may be fine for them as they do not have a need for quick access and only have 1 gun in the home.  Plus, they may only go into that safe or get the gun once every couple months or once per year.  Alternatively, if you are carrying your pistol everyday and/or you need quick access as mentioned above, you should look at the best handgun safes that you can afford that just holds your pistol.  Then mount it close to where you are every day when you get dressed.There is really no wrong answer to what is the best pistol safe.  Depending upon your needs and applications, there is a  pistol safe that will work for you.

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  1. I dont really count on my safe to keep the pistol safe, I think when you put the pistol in a safe every one knows that there is something important there,
    I think people should just fing a safe place which no one else will think about it.

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