Gunvault MVB500 Biometric Handgun Safe Product Review

Gunvault MVB500 Biometric Handgun Safe Product Review

The field is pretty small when it comes to manufacturers of biometric handgun safes.  Gunvault is one of the premier makers of biometric and non-biometric pistol safes.  They have been around for about 20 years and specialize in small safes for handguns.  They have the made their mark by being the company that sells the safes with the hand print on the top.  This feature allows you to feel your way to opening the safe without having to see the buttons.  They manufacturer several different lines of pistol safes from small cigar sized, single gun holders to ones that can hold several pistols and some additional documents.

The model that I am most impressed by is the Gunvault Microvault MVB500.  This is a biometric handgun safe that is the width and length of a notebook and only 2 1/4″ thick.  (This is almost 10″ narrower that the Gunvault mini units the GVB1000 & GVB2000.  It is perfect for storing under the seat as a car gun safe.  Because of its size, it can also be used in a suitcase when travelling by air (check with your airline to confirm).  It also works as both a briefcase and a desk drawer safe.

Gunvault constructed the exterior of a lightweight, but decent 16 gauge steel.  The foam inserts protect the contents from scratching and from rattling around during transport.  It comes with a back-up key in case the electronics fail, although the fingerprints will be stored permanently if the battery dies or is removed.  This biometric pistol safe comes with a 4 foot security cable which can be used to tether around a secure object.  It also has 4 small rubber feat on the bottom that can be removed, revealing holes in the case which can be used to bolt the safe down to a surface.

Lastly, the Gunvault MVB500 has more than just a nice hand imprint with buttons.  This is also a fingerprint handgun safe.  The imprint buttons are fast and convenient, but not as fast as simply putting your finger on the reader and the door opening automatically in 5 seconds.  Gunvault gun safes also has a self-learning algorithm built into all of their biometric pistol safes that will sense any changes in your fingerprints over time and add that minutiae to the users record, which will decrease the likelihood of false rejections.  Battery power will last about 1 year.  The Gun Vault biometric safe will store 30 fingerprints and up to 12 million user selectable button combinations for the manual entry mode.

If you are in the market for a biometric pistol safe, the Gunvault MVB500 is  one of the best handgun safes out there.

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