Top 20 Mechanical Supplies to Prep Now

Top 20 Mechanical Supplies to Prep Now

This weekend we had some unseasonably warm weather where I live.  It gave me the chance to finally get out and do a couple of the mechanical items that I always forget to do until it is freezing cold outside.  I winterized/tuned up my riding lawn mower, my DR Horton and my generator.  After making about 10 trips to the local hardware store for various parts, tools and supplies, it got me thinking.

While we all spend a bunch of time prepping food, ammo and gear (see this great list), have you thought about parts, supplies, and tools to maintain your mechanical systems post-SHTF?  We have put our faith that many of these system/machines will be ready when we need them, but what if they break?  Have you considered that?  Now I am not suggesting that you should have a spare engine laying around for your pickup truck, but  what I am trying to eliminate is having a $2 part that is easy to find today make your post-SHTF situation worse because you don’t have one and can’t find one.

I decided to compile a list of the many things that I believe you should at least think about adding to your preps to support or maintain your equipment.

  1. Spare filters, belts and spark plugs for your generator/ATV/tractor.
  2. Generators/ATVs/tractors have a small 12 volt battery to start the motor, do you have a spare?
  3. Most generators, wind turbines, and solar panel systems (and even some ATV/tractors) have at least one small $2 plastic car-style fuse in-line to protect important electronics from overload.  It won’t work without this fuse. Do you have extras?
  4. Maintenance manuals for generator and/or any other critical machinery.
  5. Extra supply of anti-freeze and oil for any machinery.
  6. Stabil, Sea Foam, starting fluid, and WD-40 for when things don’t cooperate.
  7. Hose clamps of various sizes.
  8. Cotter pins of various sizes.
  9. Important bolts or pins that connect two items together like the bolt/pin that holds your wind turbine to the tower.
  10. If you have a chain saw, do you have a 2nd chain, bar and extra oil?
  11. While this isn’t a supply, if you are relying on a well for water, do you have 2nd method to access that water if you don’t have power or your pump dies?
  12. Extra tools in case the primary set are lost, broken or stolen.  Especially be aware of specialty tools like spark plug sockets (could not find mine anywhere today) and bearing pullers.
  13. Spare heavy gauge wire to reconnect/reconfigure your generator, wind turbine, solar panel system.
  14. If you use a wind turbine, do you have a spare blade or two for the rotor/turbine?
  15. If you use solar, do you have a spare panel in a box in a protected location?
  16. Do you have spare deep cell batteries that are off-line to replace problem/failed batteries if you are using wind or solar?
  17. Additional/spare/redundant charge controllers, inverters, or meters in the event your primary device has issues.
  18. Multiple gas cans, large and small which may be needed to siphon gas into from other vehicles to keep your equipment running.  Make sure you have a couple $2 funnels also!
  19. While a sucking on a small hose stuck into a gas can does work for a siphon, it is dangerous.  How about investing in a $10 hand pump siphon today?
  20. If you have an ATV in your preps, do you have a spare tire and/or know how to fix a flat?

While this is not a comprehensive list, it should get your prepping juices flowing to look at your equipment a little different next time!

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