GunVault Under Desk Gun Safe Models

GunVault Under Desk Gun Safe Models

GunVault recently came out with a new design for a handgun safe.  It is purpose-unit that is made to secure a handgun under your desk at home or work.  I suppose you could also mount this next to your bed or night stand if you have the right angle, mounting point and supportive spouse!

The SpeedVault sits your pistol in a holster-like foam interior.  When opened it presents the gun in a ready position with the butt of the gun toward you, giving you quick access grab and go.  This unit has a separate mounting plate to allow you to mount it on the left or right side.  This pistol safe is very tall (at 13″) but is only 3.5″ wide.  So perfect to be under your desk, but not get in your way with your chair or legs under your desk.

Just like all other safes in the GunVault line, the SV500 and SVB 500 (biometric version) are made of 18-gauge steel.  This is not heavy steel, but mostly for keeping children and unsophisticated adults away from your handgun.  I would use this as a temporary place to hold your handgun, not a permanent storage.  Use a larger or more secure gun safe as permanent storage.

The standard SpeedVault (the model SV500) is powered by a 9 Volt battery and has 4 soft-touch buttons on the top that you can use to enter your combination.  Because of the width of this unit (only 3.5″), GunVault could use their signature (and trademarked) handprint on the top.  This safe also features a backup override key in case the electronics or battery fail.  There is also a LED and audio low battery warning.  There is a mute button in the inside to turn off the beeps for stealth mode (something I highly recommend).

The SVB500 is the biometric version of the SpeedVault.  It has the same features as the electronic model, but adds a fingerprint reader and costs about $120 more.  The specs on the fingerprint reader is limited on the Gun Vault website.  I will assume it is the same system as the others.  You can store up to 120 fingerprints in the reader.  While you probably don’t have 120 people to put in the safe, I would store various fingers as well as multiple scans for each finger to insure the ability open it in a hurry.  Scan your full finger, a partial finger, turn it slightly each way.  Do this for both your index finger and thumb from both hands at a minimum.

GunVault continues to bring out some very interesting new pistol safes.  While they are not the most secure, they do have some interesting features that can make them useful in the right application.

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  1. Billy Wayne says:

    Todd, I also like the tamper indicator feature and for the digital version the SV500 i also like the fact that the access code can be programmed to up to 6 entries, but an entry can be several buttons pressed at the same time, increasing the number of possible combinations significantly.

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