Underground Gun Storage

Underground Gun Storage

On this site, you know that I mostly talk about pistol safes and how to access your handgun quickly in the event of an intruder.  Let’s take a little detour into a different area of discussion about storing handguns and securing them.  I have been doing a lot of reading lately about prepping and the SHTF and TEOTWAWKI?  (sorry, I just love using those acronyms and wanted to get both into this post!)  It is social chaos running rampant, maybe caused by an economic collapse or worse a natural or man-made disaster.  Law and order are gone, nothing but you and your family to take care of yourselves.

In this time of chaos, it is possible that the government could come in and take everyone’s guns like they did during Katrina, leaving those gun owners defenseless against armed gangs of outlaws.  What really burns me in that situation is that I would be OK to give up my gun if you committ to protecting me, but that didn’t happen.  The authorities took the guns and then left the people helpless.

Some will tell you that “I’ll give you my gun when you take it from my cold, dead hands”.  While that seems very Charlton Heston and poetic, I don’t think that is a practical solution.  What if there are 5 army guys with M-16s in your face demanding your guns?  I suspect you are going to give them up and let them search the house.  Or what if your home is destroyed in the disaster or burns down after the disaster.  What do you do?

Let’s talk about prepper’s (a person that prepares prior to change in normal life as we know it) and their answer to this issue.  A prepper will have multiple guns, but also guns in multiple locations.  They may have one in their bug-out-bag (BOB), several in their house, many at their bug out location (alternate location in case they need to leave their primary residence) and maybe a handgun on their person.  As further insurance against the theft, loss or confiscation of their guns, some survivalists and preppers are starting to hide a couple guns in an underground container.  They bury a couple guns, ammo, maybe some food away from their location in the event they need access to it.  It is done where no one else would expect to find something.

Disclaimer:  Underground gun storage is specifically not recommended for public safety reasons.  If any portion of this becomes outlawed for any items, do not follow this advice.

One such container is called a Mono Vault.  These tube come in multiple sizes from 1-4 feet in length and 4-8″ in diameter.  While you can make a cheaper version using some PVC pipe and fittings, these are much heavier construction and thicker wall than traditional plumbing PVC pipe.  You can find them for sale here.  These kits come with waterproof ends and several layers of bagging to keep water and moisture out of the interior.  The company that manufacturers these also has a pretty thorough process that they recommend to further insure no water penetration,which includes sealing the screw threads with wax.

Each tube can hold 1-2 weeks of food or valuables, first aid kits, or other survival tools.  The tubes come with a carrying strap, several bags for organization and some CO2 absorber packets to remove all oxygen from the kit to slow down decay.  I would also add several desiccants to absorb any water in the tube.  If you chose to put any guns (and Ammo) in there, you may want to invest a couple dollars in a handgun storage bag.  These will further inhibit any rust or corrosion inside the tube.

Now, these tubes are not cheap.  They can run $85-$325 each and it seems like the companies that make these go out of business every so often.  Luckily another one pops up.  You may have to hunt around to find them (or build your own).  With the money in the tube and the contents, you could be burying $1000 worth of stuff in the dirt.  Make sure you know where you bury this.  You want to conceal it so know one expects something is under the ground, but don’t do it so good that you can’t find it.  One way to locate the tube is to pace off equal distance from two permanent landscape features such as large rocks.  Also, realize that this does contain some metal, so it could be found with a good metal detector if someone suspected something.  Additionally, you should select a location that is unlikely to be washed away during a flood or dug up during construction.

You should consider that having access to your guns in an emergency may mean more than just being able to get to your gun safe in the middle of the night.  It may mean hiding a gun or two in other locations in the event that the SHTF.

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