Vehicle Pistol Safes

Vehicle Pistol Safes

I carry my pistol just about everyday of the week, but as you know, there are places that you cannot legally carry a concealed handgun (such as post offices, schools, etc).  There are other places that you prefer to not carry it for personal, political or emotional reasons (friend’s houses, when consuming alcohol).  Sometimes I am going to be in a meeting where I need to take my jacket off or will be in close proximity to someone that may notice my Glock 27 “printing” through my clothes.  In these situations, I want to leave my pistol in my car.

For multiple reasons it is not a good idea to leave an unsecured handgun in your vehicle.  It would be simple to break a window and steal it.  You would be out your $500-$1000 investment, not to mention that now a criminal has your gun.  Additionally, I never wanted my kids to get in my car and accidentally find my pistol, resulting in something I don’t even want to consider.

After looking around at lots of different vehicle gun safes, I found the GunVault NV200 NanoVault works great.  Is about the size of a thin cigar box and opens with a simple key that I keep on my car key ring.  The inside is padded to keep the pistol quiet and protected.  Because it is so compact it easily slides under my seat discreetly. The enclosed cable secures it to a cross member under side of my drivers seat. I also like the fact that is is lightweight and is out of sight until I need it. The cost was only about $30 at my local gun dealer.    Click here to buy it Amazon.

While the cable could easily be defeated by a wire cutters and the box could be simply smashed open, it does deter the opportunistic thief and the child.  I also love that it is black in color and hides under the seat.  I can easily pull it out while still sitting in my drivers seat, open the safe with my key and then slide this pistol safe back under the seat.  This allows me to do this in the privacy of my car without drawing attention to my actions and letting a thief see me take off my handgun. Additionally, I have taken this little guy along with me on road trips.  It works great in its standard operation as a pistol safe for in the car, but once I get to my destination, I feel very comfortable simply taking it out of the vehicle and bringing it into the place I am staying.  My handgun is still secure and close by my side.

Some gun owners prefer a more traditional pistol safe.  Many like the small compact biometric pistol safe made by Gunvault.  The most common model is the GunVault MVB500, which is very small and compact like the Secure-it safe.  Not much bigger than a cigar box (it is only 2.25″ thick), but build more like a traditional safe than a metal box.  This safe also comes with a 4 foot security cable to tether around a part of the vehicle.  Alternatively, if you have the space, you can remove the rubber feet on the bottom and bolt it down to the car for even greater security.

Another option is to purchase a vehicle specific pistol safe that will mount in the large center console of many SUV models such as the Chevy Tahoe, Ford Expedition, or Hummer H2.  They even make ones that can mount to the saddle bags on your Harley!  These units are designed specifically for that vehicle and can be a quick and easy way to protect and store your pistol.  This is an excellent way to have your gun within inches of you, but locked up in a hidden metal box when not needed.  Most of these truck gun storage boxes run about $200 or so and you may have to search for one that will fit your vehicle.  An example of this type of product is a Console Vault for a Ford F-150.

An alternative to an automobile gun safe is to lock your gun in your trunk, possibly in the original gun storage case.  While not the quickest or easiest place to get your handgun in an emergency, a thief getting into a trunk (if your vehicle has one) is much more difficult than accessing the passenger compartment.  At least your gun is protected.

If you have your carry permit and plan to carry your gun frequently, you should invest in some type of vehicle handgun safe to make it easier when you can’t or don’t want to bring your gun with you inside.  An auto gun safe will help you feel confident that your gun is secured when you are away from it.

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