Cheap Cannon Gun Safes on Sale

I was walking through my local Dick’s Sporting Goods store yesterday, looking to buy some more .223 ammo for my AR-15.  Boy I love that gun….but I digress!  Dick’s carries Cannon Safes and I noticed that a Safari 24 gun safe had been marked down from $699 to $549.  You rarely find cheap cannon gun safes.  It was a model 5526.

I decided to do some homework on what I could out about this safe.  Unfortunately, not much was on-line.  I did find a similar safe at Costco.  It is a model 5926 and they are selling it for $599 (also on sale).  Costco also carries a smaller version called the 5521 for $449.

Since I could not find anything on-line, I tried the Cannon Safe website.  Right on the front page they have the Costco deal and it actually links to the Costco detail page.  Despite this, there is no other mention of the Safari line on the Cannon website.  I click on the chat button and two different times I got a very quick response, but neither operator knew anything about the Safari products.  They both referred me to the 800 number to speak to sales.

Determined to figure this out, I called the sales line today.  The first sales person that took my call actually had to ask about the products and then eventually transferred me to someone that did know everything about these gun safes.  Here is the skinny:

  • The Safari line of safes is an old line that was phased out a year or so ago.  They repurposed the name for doing private label safes for mass retailers.  The person on the phone said that these safes are built to hit specific price points and while they are made to the Cannon standards, they are specified by the retailer.
  • These models do have the same uni-body construction and 30 minute fire rating.
  • They do have the same electronic lock carried by all of the entry and mid-level Cannon safes.
  • Most of these gun safes are made of 14 gauge steel on the body, with the Costco model having 12 gauge on the door.  Every main line Cannon is made with 12 and some with 10 gauge steel.  14 gauge is pretty thin and can be compromise easily with a fire ax.
  • They do not have any internal electrical or computer outlets.
  • They do not have the relocking mechanisms for preventing access to the safe in the event the first layer of defenses are breached.
  • These safe models have not been through UL testing.
  • Most importantly, they only have a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects compared to the lifetime warranty that Cannon normally offers, which protects against fire, theft, damage from forced  entry, etc.  This is a big one for me.  I love the Cannon Safes because their warranty is amazing.

This is a tough decision that I can’t make for you.  You can almost buy 2 for the normal price of a Cannon Safe.  You need to keep in mind that these are made well, but they are not the same security as a standard line CannonSafe.  In the end, if you are price sensitive, these sub-$600 gun safes may be worth it.  Just understand what you are buying.

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