Who Makes BioBox Biometric Handgun Safes?

Who Makes BioBox Biometric Handgun Safes?

I was looking around at different safe manufactures websites, reviewing the different handgun safes (OK, actually, I was putting my Christmas list together!).  I typed BioBox into Google and I was surprised to notice that several different manufacturers of this safe came up and there wasn’t really a company named BioBox that made it.

Strange.  Several of the pictures even have the same device, but with different names on them (I posted the photos so you can see).  Let’s take a look at the various ones that I found:

SmartTouch Biometrics sells their unit at many of the top safe dealers online.  Their advertisements claim that they are the original Biometric Pistol safe.   They even go on to say that “Attention – If a BioBox does not say SmartTouch, it is not an Official BioBox. – Buyer Beware, don’t be fooled by cheap imitations!”  Wow.  Well, I guess I must believe them and they must be the real deal!  Their pistol safe is made of 17 gauge steel, stores up to 120 unique users and comes with a security cable.  This unit also has a backup key to open it in case the electronics fail.  Typical price is just under $200 from multiple online retailers.

Center of Mass is the photo that you see on Amazon, but the description at Amazon says SmartTouch.  Strange.  If you go to the Center of Mass website, you will find that they list SmartTouch as the manufacturer on the top of the page about this unit, but in the bottom they list BioMETRX.  Amazon has the BioBox by SmartTouch for about $160.  An important aspect of owing a handgun safe is that you secure the unit to a solid object.  The best pistol safes come with at least a steel cable that can be tethered around something, but Amazon right now is including the mounting bracket for this safe for free.

Next, I found a site selling a Sequiam’s BB-007 BioBox pistol safe.  This unit looks similar to the above ones, but if you read and look closely, the specs are slightly different.  The dimensions, color, and even styling are almost identical.  The keyed access is on the front of the safe (hard to see from this picture).   It only stores 6 user fingerprints, versus the other units storing 120.  Plus, this safe is currently priced at $219!  You are getting less features for more money.  Not the right solution.

Ahh.  As I dug deeper (don’t you love how I am doing research while writing, instead of having all the facts and then writing?), I found that bioMETRX, inc is the manufacturer of this fingerprint handgun safe.  They sell the device under the SmartTouch trade name.  They also licensed the technology to Sequiam several years ago.  Unfortunately, Sequiam went out of business and returned 1000s of these safes to bioMETRX, who sold that product off and discontinued the line.

So the moral of the story is that there is only one BioBox biometric handgun safe.  It is made by SmartTouch (who is owned by bioMETRX, Inc).

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