Why Buy A Pistol Safe?

Why Buy A Pistol Safe?

Many people buy a pistol for home security, but what about the security of the gun itself? There are any number of reasons to purchase a pistol safe, from preventing an accident to safeguarding the investment of the gun.

Parents are often concerned about the safety of their children with a gun in the house. Even if you do not have children, though, you need to consider what could happen if child visits and finds your gun. Children, having seen guns on TV, are naturally curious about them, but they don’t yet have the knowledge and foresight to understand their dangers. Preventing a child from shooting himself or someone else is a prime reason to have a pistol safe.  Don’t think that if you put your pistol in your sock drawer or under your bed that the child won’t find it.  Secure the gun and ammo in a safe to have the piece of mind that it and the children are protected.

You also want to make sure that your gun is used only by those who have permission for its use. Think about it. If someone broke into your house when you weren’t home, they could easily steal the gun and use it to commit further crimes. What about a friend of your teenager? How would you feel if he found your pistol and decided to commit a crime with it? If you don’t want to be responsible for those crimes, a handgun safe is the answer.  It has been reported that over 70% of crimes involving a gun are committed by a stolen gun.  Even if you don’t know the person that steals your gun, why contribute to the problem of illegal guns on the street?

Safety isn’t the only reason to have a pistol gun safe, though. Consider the investment you have made in purchasing a gun. Many handguns will cost $100s or $1000.  Would you simply leave jewelry or cash lying around worth that much and hope it does not get destroyed if something happened to your home?  You want to protect that investment from damage due to fire or other disasters. If a tornado tears your house apart, your gun is still secure and unharmed in the pistol safe. If your house burns down, your gun is undamaged if you have a fireproof safe.  You have spent considerable money for your pistol, why not keep it safe?

Buying a Pistol Safe does not need to be an expensive purchase.  Even a small locking metal box will prevent children from getting access to your handgun (although it will probably not stop a determined thief).  Most pistol safes are made of thick, heavy gauge steel that cannot be pried apart and some are resistant to fire. Larger safes include shelves for ammunition or other valuable items such as jewelry or important documents. Many of these safes are lined with soft foam inside to protect the firearm.  Waterproof safes are sealed to prevent moisture from harming the pistol, valuable items, or documents stored inside for safe keeping.

There are different types of side or top loading pistol safes available. Electronic safes have either a computer controlled keypad, combination lock, or push button lock. A mechanical safe offers a push button locking mechanism, so there are no keys to misplace or battery to change.  A biometric pistol safe runs on batteries and opens once its memory recognizes pre-programmed fingerprints. Most models allow 20-30 fingerprints to be stored.  The computer will even compensate for imperfections and fluctuations in fingerprints such as paper cuts or blisters on the fingers. A backup key can be used in case of battery or computer failure.

Whether you are seeking to prevent accidents, stop unauthorized use, or merely safeguard your investment, a pistol safe is the answer to all of those needs.

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